Feline genome project –

this is a very interesting project and as any cat would tell you, "it's about time".  cats now join the exclusive club of "other mapped species, human, chimpanzee, mouse, rat, dog and cow."

on a personal note, teh SO has insisted for several years that our Princess Hank is at least part Abyssinian.  she does resemble Cinnamon a bit, specially the triangular face shape and larger-than-average ears,

this is P. Hank

more news about the Feline genome project via Google news

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5 thoughts on “Feline genome project –

  1. Does Hank have a kink at the end of her tail?
    That is an Aby trait – the kink is rumored to be from Cleopatra tying her rings around the cat's tail so she wouldn't lose them when she'd go bathing in the Nile.

  2. Fascinating! I'm sure that Kemi has some black bear DNA somewhere…I always thought the kinky tail was a Siamese trait. Tantra has it (obscured by his copious floof), and he's more Siamese than not.

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