election day tomorrow – [insert weak and uninterested !yay!]

as you can tell if you look up a bit, I changed my banner to reflect the election tomorrow.  !yay! 

Kentucky being a contrary state elects a governor in off-years.  and city mayors in the other off-year.  the net result is that we have elections every @)#$(^&@$_ Novemberand primaries every May.  so we are always going to the polls.   another weak   !yay!  

no one cares.  really.  I will go and vote as I am wont to do, but there is little joy in Mudsville, really.  one of the side effects of the last 7 years is that the Repugnicans have, as a whole, both nationally and locally, been such dedicated 110% fuckups, I cannot even consider not voting Democrat.  

and this counts for the upcoming national elections in 2008.  there is much, much, much, to dislike about Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I shall vote for that dreamboat Dennis Kucinich  on the primaries.  but next November, if things go as they seem to be going, I shall take a deep breath, sigh, and press the lever for ms. Clinton.   I aint' fucking risking getting another Repugnican in the national stage, not even for a minute.

here's mz. Hillary, doing what she does best.  equivocating like a pro.  damn it.




happicat sez,

"fuck this election thing –


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10 thoughts on “election day tomorrow – [insert weak and uninterested !yay!]

  1. DO you think we could have one of those for every candidiate for president . I think it would be interesting to hear them all doing that. Of course we all know they all do it. (Head shaking) Amazing. I don't know what I am going to do when 2008 rolls around. I will have to wait and see.

  2. I am so glad we have no elections here tomorrow. Nothing till the primary in the spring.While my policy fave is the elfin Kucinich with hot babe wife as well, come November I too will hang the chad or fill in the bobble or poke the screen for whoever sez "D".

  3. No matter who it is we will certainly get confusion followed rapidly by excuses. I would not want any piece of the shitty mess they are inheriting. There is no way to be a good President starting so far in the hole. Whoever can get "stuff" done rather than spend four years undoing good, like the last Little prick, I mean President has done I will be okay. I think we may as well get the Woman President door open. I think the following one will stand a great chance to get us rolling forward. The poor slob who get's picked in 08 will spend much time getting the gray out of their hair and the rest of the time telling us What T F really happened this past 8 years. They are going to find some scary stuff out and of course will be obliged to share it with us. We won't move on for a few years but at least much of the damage can be stopped.

  4. Well the election just got interesting. I came home to find this:Message on MachineActually its someone elses recording. We (the SO and I ) got the same message. Listen to the very end for a special treat. Seems some think the best attack on Beshear is to say the gays are for him. For more information on the calls:Bluegrass DiaryThe ArenaFairness AllianceFunny thing is a wife of a friend said a few weeks back, "you can't be possibly voting for Beshear" Then she got a strange look and said "OH yes you are its over the insurance":Same Sex BenefitsI thought nothing of it at the time. Maybe she has a AT-5000?

  5. I don't envy y'all at all at all. Our provincial election on Wednesday is scary enough for me — the Canadian provincial version of the Republican Party is scoring high in the polls, and this does not make me happy in the least.
    I'm with Happicat — and thanks for the link to Pogo! I finally (after 40 years or so) know the proper words to Go Go Pogo!

  6. aww, I can't hear the message in our machine. WinMedia is complaining
    …at least Beshear is not running around going "no! not the gays!"
    LOL at the AT-5000.

  7. Wow did you ever sum up my entire attitude towards the voting process. (teeny tiny yay). I was always proud to vote and made it very very important that I always got out to vote in every election on every subject. Now, I just feel really poopy about the whole thing.I do, however, agree with DB that we might as well get the woman president door open. After that maybe we can keep going further away from white, conservative males. Blech.

  8. How come practically everyone I know likes Kucinich best (including me) but no one thinks he can win? Are we just buying the media's Hillary love?

  9. That…and let's not forget Barack Obama is still out there. I'm a Kucinich-man, too, but it's looks like he's playing 3rd violin to the other two.

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