this is Callie, my feline niece.

this is a recent picture, in Maryland, where Callie
lives with my sister and her family.

I am shocked at her appearance; she was diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks ago and has lost 1/3 of her body weight in that time.

Calllie is a bit older than 13.  she was already an adult
when my nephew Miguel picked her up at the
shelter in 1994.

Cal is the sweetest cat ever. mild and even-tempered
with everyone, but Miguel is her special person and
she his special cat always.

it breaks my heart to hear she is so sick.  my sister and Miguel are even more heartbroken;  Callie's health is going downhill very quickly and it is a matter of weeks…
                                                                                                        know you will be missed, darling girl

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18 thoughts on “Callie

  1. Oh noes! Poor little kitteh! :'( *sniff*I hope she's not in pain or anything. At least she knows that she is loved. *Hugs for you and Callie*

  2. awwww, Callie is so pretty. At first when I scrolled down (before I read everything) I thought it was a kitten, but no, the eyes are big kitty eyes. I hope she can be kept comfortable in her last days. poor lil girl.

  3. Have they not got her on insulin? I had a cat with diabetes live two more years after diagnoses once we got her on insulin. He had been losing weight, too until he was diagnosed and got regulated. In the end it was cancer that got him at age 15.
    So sorry she's having a rough time. It's awful to be a cat owner and watch your cat waste away.

  4. What a sweet and gentle face, m. Maybe Laurie is right and insulin will give her, and Miguel, more years of love to share.

  5. Poor Callie.Many hugs for your sister and nephew, and gentle snuggles with Callie while she says her farewells.

  6. thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts.I'm not sure of the details, but apparently insulin is not an option.she is comfortable, warm and loved.

  7. Oh mariser, I'm so sorry! Poor sweet Callie. Like Cranky, I thought she was a kitten, until I read your post. Poor poor kitteh.

  8. That's all that anyone can ask for in the twilight of life is to be loved and surrounded by friends and family. Even pets, though I hope she continues to be warm, comfortable and loved.

  9. :(Dear dear Callie. Heartfelt hugs and love to you and your fambly.Darn that insulin isn't an option. It does help in many cases! But, as ZenK said, in the twilight of life to be loved and surrounded by family. She is a lucky kitty.

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