because it bears repeating – over and over and over

In case anyone one in my Vox 'hood does not have Dancing Bear in theirs.  and if you don't, you need to add him as a neighbor.  sweet, funny, and thoughtful as all-get-out.  but sorry ladies, he's taken.  so admire him from afar as I do.

in all seriousness, please check out the post above; is a great idea about giving cat and dog toys to your local shelter;  if you don't have a shelter nearby, you can send toys to Dancing Bear ( details here)

I will also crosspost to my NaBloPoMo blog

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7 thoughts on “because it bears repeating – over and over and over

  1. I do admire Dancing Bear's comments. Kinda like white water rafting in soap bubbles. I do donate to the local shelter. And I will add Dancing Bear to my 'hood. Gladly. Thanks mariser.

  2. Thanks Mariser. I posted something for you yesterdy. It was how your Wildcats beat the crap out of my Commodores,lol. Thanks for the pst. You are so sweet. I hope teh So and Teho appreciate you as much as the rest of us,lol.

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