Veteran’s day – November 11 2007

take a moment on the eleventh hour of the eleventh
day of the eleventh month to remember

in Tommy, Tommy's stepfather takes dumb deaf and blind Tommy to see the Acid Queen, who promises to cure Tommy.  she places Tommy in an Iron Maiden made of hypodermic syringes and pumps him full of acid.  in amongst the visions Tommy sees his father – the late Captain Walker – and himself as tortured Christ, covered in poppies

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6 thoughts on “Veteran’s day – November 11 2007

  1. I love that film! It's so OTT – plus they accidently set the Southsea Pier alight during filming – RAWK and ROLL!! The pier was completely gutted and had to be rebuilt – opps! Ah dear old understated Ken Russell – what was going on with the baked beans?

  2. Elton, Tina, Roger. Such fond memories. The ones I can remember. It is from that third thing Kentucky is known for,lol. Not the Blue Grass. The other kind.
    We had guys from Fort Cambell at the game yesterday. Thank God some of them make it home and in walking condition. I saw that thing on the news about 1/3 of ll homeless people are Veterans. That is no way to take care of our own is it.

  3. Ah dear old understated Ken Russell – what was going on with the baked beans? I am thinking that the baked beans were a metaphor for … um … I don't have a freaking clue. All I know is that they're fit for a queen and make a terrible mess.

  4. My Mom, hipster hippie that she was, took me to see Tommy when it was released in theaters in 1975. I was only 8 years old, I wasn't scarred for life much or anything, but the Gyspy Queen scared me a little bit, however the thing that freaked me out the most were those baked beans. WTF!?

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