b-b-b-b-usted! – Facebook at your own risk

PSA:   if you are going to call in sick at work and you are planning on going out partying at the time, do not post pictures from said partying on your Facebook page.   to find out why, read linked article.

nice wand  indeed.


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14 thoughts on “b-b-b-b-usted! – Facebook at your own risk

  1. And with that Colvin waved his wand and turned Davis into a humorless prick. Oh, wait, he already is one. This is a stupid kid granted. But his family (meaning himself) was in need of a little spirit lifting so he took the day off and went to a party. The true punishment however was the photo going around the office. Now I don't advocate faking stuff but I currently lose about 8 hours a week in "off" time because we have a maximum retainable. But since I am the only one who does what I do I can never take the time so I lose it. Even losing my time I have roughly a year off with pay. God knows that bank fell apart because an idiot kid didn't show up for Halloween, perhaps the busiest Banking day of the year? I hope he sprinkles pixie dust at his next job interview and flies out the window. He really is a dumbass. Maybe they fired him for being stupid and not just a liar. But, I am guessing there isn't a one of us who have not faked somethingfor a day off.

  2. yeah, anyone that stupid is asking for it.Remember the story a year or two back about the hotel receptionist who was fired for blogging all day about all the different ways she was avoiding having to do work, blogging and looking busy and her bosses were too dumb to figure out what she was really doing… well, they did.Another one bites the dust.

  3. Too funny. That's the reason I never claim family emergency when playing hooky– to unbelievable and folks want a story when you get back. Just to make sure you're okay. On the other hand, "digestive problems" are just humiliating enough to be believable and no one wants to hear horror stories about how you were back and forth from the bathroom when you do make it back in to work.

  4. LOL Mariser. too funny and you have to be careful nowadays. I am guessing he is regretting the fairy costume right about now. Not to mention the face book entry.

  5. I'm with DB on this one.Sure the guy was a bit naive to go posting it, but who among us hasn't taken the occasional mental health day.A non-prick boss could have caught him without firing him.I can sure say I'd rather work with Kevin than with his boss.

  6. Too funny. My daughter has a wand just like that. Wonder if I need a sick day sometime soon…

  7. I hear you, but I guess my stance is that if you take a mental health day, you should have the mental capacity to keep hush about the fact you deliberately lied to your employer.This is merely a 100-level course from the School of Hard Knocks. Here's hoping he paid attention in class.

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