cheese, glorious (California) cheese

some of my VOX neighbors live in Northern California (or have in the past);  I occasionally envy them and daydream of one day living near San Francisco Bay.  my reasons are were many:  the left-wing politics, the winterless climate, the marvelous restaurants, the cultural renditions.   but among those reasons none related to cheese.
'til now.
all the fault of the imps at, who having apparently ran out of wine, decided to offer Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese.   which looks like this:

 I am seriously thinking of moving to the Bay area just because you can buy this cheese in stores.  it is goooooood. 
it leaves my previous favorite American blue cheese, Maytag blue, at a quite respectable but quite definite second place.   
…yet another reason to envy those of you fortunate enough to live in Northern California.

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13 thoughts on “cheese, glorious (California) cheese

  1. hee! I am just a few short steps away from Point Reyes, but I prefer a real Roquefort over bleu cheese. And yes, our cows are very happy.

  2. MmmmmMMmm. Nothing like really GOOD cheese!I was so ticked. I bought a wonderful block of cheese made from the cows at MSU. Then I bought a crappy old piece of Kraft cheese and it tastes like plastic. Melamine to be precise! YECH!!!

  3. [this is a-dairy-ble] Have you tried Maytag blue-stuffed green olives reclining happily in a martini?
    Happy cows, happy liquor, happy Aubrey!

  4. This is beyond awesome. I would fly, drive or swim to Point Reyes any day anyway, but add cheese to the equation and… *swoon*So we can get the stuff online now, huh? Great. *lovingly pats own pudge*

  5. Cheese to ship with (bigger) frozen catsup package 2-Day Air on Monday of next week (emphasis mine)

    Huh & Wha? Why on earth would they be sending a big package of frozen ketchup with that cheese? Why?

  6. frozen catsup package??I share your bafflement.I am sitting here, baffled.I don't think I even want to be enlightened.

  7. lol you guys. i'm pretty sure it's a reference to all the cheeseburgers you'll be fixing with this giant slab of cheese. right? right? :-S

  8. That looks soooooooo good! I had to avoid the cheese section of Whole Foods tonight as I was trying to stick to my list, but my lord…I praise thee, Cheesus!

  9. omg, I love cheese beyond reason. Every season should have a cheeson.I have to say, living so close to happy Vermont cows, many wonderful local cheeses are readily available. But there's always room for one more.Just wondering – can the blue compete with a good Mountain gorgonzola..?

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