Brilliant! Just brilliant, b-r-i-l-e-a… damn good idea!

oh, excellent!  the plan includes opening military air space to create a "Thanksgiving express lane" as it were.

uh-uh.  and it will be implemented flawlessly, right?  I mean, these is the same crew that brought us  teh TSA ….

methinks the big problem with flying these days have more to do with issues on the ground, many involving the aforementioned *cough* TSA, *cough*, airport congestion, flight overscheduling, etc. than what happens when planes are on the air.

also, shouldn't teh-idjet-in-chief not be more concerned with oh,  the situations in the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey…p'haps he confused "Turkey" with the upcoming "Turkey day"


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3 thoughts on “Brilliant! Just brilliant, b-r-i-l-e-a… damn good idea!

  1. I expect they'll be like the HOV lanes. You know – high occupancy vehicle lanes? Where "high occupancy" is defined as "two or more people."So these express lanes over military airspace would be for planes carrying two or more… relatives? drinking buddies? corporate sponsors?

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