liveblog the eight (eight?!) democratic presidential debate

uh?  gosh, the eight debate already?  and the first one to happen when I have nothing to do + have the TV on + have a PC close by.    so might as well try to do this.
I am rusty, so don't expect 100% coverage; jump in and comment at will.

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Democrat candidates debate

……………and that's a wrap.   thanks for staying up with us folks….

10:08:     Q.  Sen. Clinton, diamonds or pearls?    HC:   both
10:02:    Q.    how will you unite the country behind you?   BO:   stop bipartisanship.    HC:  I united New Yorkers and I can unite the country    JB:  I have 30 years of experience, Republicans respect me, I can get the Republicans and Democrats together.   BR:   base US foreign policy on diplomacy. joint solutions, dealing with Palestine and Jerusalem.
9:50:     Q. oooooooo! would you require that Supreme Court nominees support a woman's right to an abortion:
JB:  NOTE:  long-ass rant.  I have no idea something about dog-catchers   CD:  NOTE: waffle, waffle   DK:  supports woman's right to choose, but will actively work to reduce the number of abortions.   HC:  Yes.based on right to privacy   BO:  Yes. based on right to privacy.    JE:  Yes.  based on right to privacy and the validity of Roe vs. Wade. 
9:45:     Q.  what are you going to do about the Baby Boomers?    BO:  I'll use the money from stopping the Iraq war to shore up benefits. also remove the cap ($97,000) on taxing SS benefits.     HC:  move back towards fiscal responsibility as it was under Bill Clinton.  ;)
9:41:     Q. about linking immigration and terrorism.    BR:  support immigration, against the fence, better collaboration with Mexico.      CD:  I voted for the border wall because it is needed NOTE:  he speaks Spanish fast! and weird! I didn't understand that rant at all
9:36:     Q. about the Patriot Act.  DK:  I voted against the Patriot Act.  'cos I read it.  [zing!]    JB:  the Patriot Act has been perverted.
9:35:     Q. profiling of American citizens of middle-Eastern descent     JE:  under my administration there'll be no profiling, no torture, no Guantanamo,  NOTE:  and ponies for everyone!!
9:33:     Q. remove salary disparity between soldiers and mercenaries contractors?    BR:  bring back everyone, soldiers and contractors.  provide health care and mental health care to veterans
9:24:     real AMurricans.  with questions!    a mom wants to know if her son (Iraq veteran) will have to go fight a war in Iran.    JB: we need to ratchet down the winds of war. slow down.  HC: I voted for the Iran resolution b/c we need active diplomacy in Iran and not let it fester.    JE:   "Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons"  <— sounds like a band, no?
BO:    we need to get out of Iraq. and Iran. meet with our enemies. I shouldn't have missed the vote, that was a mistake.   

9:23:     …and we are back… whee………zzzzzz.

– finally a break.  this is getting a bit boringk.   oooooooooooo, next, actual voters!!!    gah

9:11:     Q. are you exploiting gender?    HC:  No.  I'm not attacked for being a woman, but for being ahead {BIG applause]  America is sooooooooo great we can have an AFRICA-AMERICAN, a LATINO, and a WOMAN running for President.  NOTE:  Hil, you forgot the cripple.  you are welcome
9:08:     Q.  energy, $100/barrel oil, nuclear energy. but what to do with the waste?   BO:  don't want nuclear waste in Illinois, or Nevada.  we need to do "research".  when pressed, pulls the "we will do it and be optimistic" card.  
BR:  research should be to focus in renewable sources. 
8:58:     Q.  who is responsible for the poisoned Chinese toys mess?   DK:  "those who voted to open trade to China.  we knew China had no environmental, safety policies".  kick some ass, Dennis!    JE:  "US trade policies are a disaster and only benefit the *big corporations*."   HC:  "NAFTA did not deliver as promised"  CD: "not against trade agreements. there should be a moratorium on Chinese imports"   BO:  "we should send US inspectors to China, setup guidelines"   JB:  under our trade agreements we have every right to end trade with China.  why havent' we?  it's Bush's fault"
8:53:     Q. is the Iraq surge working?   BR: "one American death is too many.  surge not working, benchmarks are not met. 2/3 of Iraqis want us out"    DK:  "No.  our occupation fuels the insurgency.  I have voted against the Iraq war 100% of the time."  BO:   " the surge is (kinda) of working because of sheer strength. but policies are not working. we need to speak to our enemies.
8:42:     Q. is US security worth us keeping supporting Pakistan who is breaking human rights?   JB:  I've talked to the players in Pakistan, we need to move away from concentrating our aid to the military.   BR:  we are not keeping our priorities;  support to Pakistan must be based on Musharraf respecting Human Rights, or cut the aid off.   JE:  Pakistan is an example of America's adhoc foreign policy, not coherent, not longterm, not international.  BO:  we have failed miserably at achieving anything in Pakistan.   CD:  US security is more important than international human rights (hey!  dissenting opinion from the group!  guts!!)  HC:  agrees with CD.  US interests above all;  but is not an either or situation.  we should have expected more from Pakistan from our aid, Musharraf must be challenged and encouraged/pushed towards improving human rights in Pakistan
8:35:     Q.  should teachers get merit pay raises based on student performance?  NOTE: national and state teacher unions are against this   CD: No, and rant against No Child Left Behind.  DK:  I support unions, daddy was a truck driver   BR: minimum wage for all teachers, teachers need to be respected  HC:  I support school-based (not individual) merit raises. education is a team effort  JB:  teachers can give themselves merit raises by furthering their own education
8:30:     Wolf tries again:  do you support DLs for illegal immigrants? Yes or No?  JE:  No.  Chris Dodd: No.  BO:  Yes.  HC: No. Dennis K:  people are not illegal, they are undocumented [zing!] BR: Yes, because is a matter of public safety.  JB: No.
8:30:      Wolf Blitzer is an insistent little dog, aint' he?
8:29:      nice dodging, BO, on the driver's license issue
8:27:      so, BO, how do you deal with illegal immigration?  "border security…prosecute employers…teach'em English…send them to the back of the line…shed light on the situation"  nothing new there
8:26:      Dennis gets a word in!   Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis!
8:25:      Bill Richardson gives peace a chance
8:23:      Chris Dodd gets asked a question.  how nice.  "Americans are worried.  Washington does not pay attention"
8:22:      Edwards gets a chance to speak "there's poverty in America, yall"
8:20:      Biden is playing coy.  "ooooo, you want little ol' me to speak?"
8:16:      ouch.  HC accuses JE of using "Republican tactics"
8:15:      Edwards kicks HC down.  calls her on supporting the Iraq war, lobbyists, etc.  JE is getting under HC better than BO could.  does not look good for Obama
8:13:      oooooo, fight!
8:12:      HC tears back into BO  "my health care plan is better than yours.  na,na,na,na,nah"
8:11       Barack tears into Hillary.
8:10:      Hillary is wearing an asbestos pantsuit?  uncomfy
8:09:      1st question to Clinton.  "senator, are you a waffler?"
8:06:      awww, how cute.  all posing together for the class picture
8:02:      whoa.  they are bringing the candidates in one at a time.  like if they were basketball players, or sumethin
8:00pm:  Wolf Blitzer just said "this is the first presidential debate ever held in Nevada" – gee, I wonder why?  do you suppose it has anything to do with Nevada miving their primary to January 19th?'
7:59pm:   just enough time to get an adult beverage.  brb

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29 thoughts on “liveblog the eight (eight?!) democratic presidential debate

  1. Obama: We need straight answers on driver's licenses, illegal immigrants, social securityClinton: We need someone who is tested and ready to leadFeisty start. Health care, now. 15 minutes in, and no one but these two have gotten a word in. Other candidates are in this debate, yes?

  2. Not a whole lot of substance here so far. A lot of discussion about the tone of the debate, and potshots at Hilary. Are we going to get to specifics and real issues at some point?

  3. LOL! I have to keep watching your blog since I don't have CNN. You should do all debates like this. You're not biased yet, are you? ;)

  4. Obama: Send undocumented workers to the back of the line so they don't have an unfair advantage over immigrants who came here legally. It's not about driver's licenses. lllegal immigrants don't come here to drive.They're going down the line now…who is for or against driver's licenses for undocumented workers?

  5. Dammit, I don't know who most of these candidates are. I've been avoiding reading the news too long. Mariser, will you post a left to right list? Who is this guy who's supporting teacher's unions?

  6. left to right:Joe Biden, senator DelawareBill Richardson, governor New MexicoDennis Kucinich, congressman OhioHillary Clinton, senator New YorkBarack Obama, senator IllinoisChris Dodd, senator ConnecticutJohn Edwards, former senator North Carolina, Democratic VP candidate 2004

  7. Oh, good, tomorrow Rush Limbaugh gets to call that kid a "phony soldier."
    Thanks for catching us up, Mariser, I missed the first bit!

  8. DK has been awesome, I'm so glad I've been listening tonight. Not a fan of teacher's unions, I have to say. Worked at an elementary school for several years. But yay to him on everything else so far.

  9. Whoa. Did Obama just say he would build schools in the Middle East to teach math and science instead of hatred of Americans?

  10. yes he did. I have to admit, Obama has been a disappointment; he really dissolves when it comes time for specifics

  11. I was expecting more from him, yeah. So, have your feeling towards HC changed tonight one way or another? I haven't been following anything at all for about almost 8 years now.. This has been fascinating, like falling off the wagon.

  12. Yes, thanks so much, Mariser! You throw the best parties. Your blob is fun even when most of the candidates are duds. :-)

  13. Thanks for the recap and hosting this chat, Mariser!
    I'm pretty disappointed that we didn't get to hear from everyone equally- isn't there a rule about equal time? I felt like DK and BR kind of had to throw everything into their answers even if it wasn't totally relevant because they knew they wouldn't have very many chances to speak. Made them come off a little crazier than they deserved.

  14. ooops IG, I didn't mean to drag you into the political mud. I can't help it, meself: I'm a hopeless political junkie. my feelings towards Hil remail the same. she will probably get the nomination and I'll vote for her in th eGeneral Election, but I sure wish she wasn't so beholden to corporate interests. glad to see Hil is developing a thicker skin in the debates, but my heart remains with Dennis K. I also like John Edwards, as schmaltzy as he can be (which is a lot)to Stephel, Tasha Tuk, anyone else curious about the candidates picture: I'm sorry, I don't know what they were pointing at. the picture is not from this debate, is from a previous debate, I pulled it out of an image search.

  15. shanchan, I'm not sure, but I don't think there is an "equal time" rule in debates. I may be wrong. and I agree with you than DK and BR (also JB and CD) tend to get a bit over passionate during their speaking turns, which as you note, is not fair.the questions really were mostly geared to the top three: Clinton, Obama, Edwards

  16. I didn't watch because I don't need to hear what bastards they think all the other candidates are, but I read some of of your transcription.Isn't "bipartisanship' a good thing? Shouldn't it be "partisanship" that we want to get rid of?

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