the sad story of Megan Meier and the fuckers who drove her to kill herself

this is so sickening.  but I must read about it, think about it, and most importantly, tell my 11-year-old niece about it.
it won't be easy.
the sad story of Megan's death was first reported in the St. Charles Journal; for some unfathomable reason, the paper declined to name the adults who had teased and tormented Megan.  this refusal caused a great deal of anger, and teh internets being what they are, amateur sleuths put together bits and pieces from the St. Charles Journal article and were able to name the despicable person:  a neighbor of Megan's, Lori Drew (comment # 6)
Lori Drew is an adult, and her daughter and Megan had been friends but had a fallout.

if you can handle it, please read the whole sordid story: share it.

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17 thoughts on “the sad story of Megan Meier and the fuckers who drove her to kill herself

  1. I saw this over at Shakespeare's Sister this week. I've been thinking about it constantly since then.I used to work with one of those over-involved parents. I had lunch with her the other day and she told me that her 8th grade daughter had in-school suspension for getting into a fight with a classmate. She said she wishes her daughter wouldn't have gotten into a fight, but she's glad she can hold her own. Her daughter is sort of the hero of the 8th grade now. Why is that? Well, apparently nobody likes the girl she got into a fight with. Why does nobody like her? That would be because her mother abandoned her, her father has come right out and told her that he hates having to raise her, and so when she makes a friend she latches onto them and drives them nuts. Instead of anyone – parents or students – reaching out to her, she's become a troublemaker that no one likes. Isn't it great that everyone in the 8th grade was glad to see her get her ass kicked by a girl who has been handed everything to her on a silver platter her whole life. I couldn't help but think of Megan's story as I was being told this tale.I was shocked an appalled by this case. When I read that the mother who had instigated this whole ordeal said she didn't feel guilty because she heard at the funeral that Megan had tried to do kill herself before (she hadn't) I really felt like there was no hope for the human race. I can't believe shit human beings like this can exist and justify actions like that.

  2. I first read about it a couple of days ago and I can't stop thinking about it either.what a sadnesswhat a wasteand while Lori Drew's original intent on setting the "Josh Evans" profile may have been to "find out what Megan was saying about her daughter", it went way beyond that. that she didn't stop, shows her to be a psychopath.

  3. Being 13 is tough. That's why they make a special school for kids around that age. I am appalled by the over-involvement of some of these parents though. I had bad fights with my girlfriends, nasty words were exchanged, mean notes were written. But I would have never thought to involve my mother at all. She would have thought it was just stupid shit (which it was) and told me to get over it (which I did).I understand these people want to protect their kids, but at some point their kids are going to have to learn how to handle this kind of thing on their own. Instead of going to Megan's parents, which they should have done if they were truly concerned and not just spiteful and immature, they set up this profile and let their daughter and one of her friends also join in on "the fun". Who cares if Megan was saying something about their daughter? She's freaking 13, and 13 year olds talk smack. I think you nailed it with psychopath.

  4. I'm not convinced this sort of behavior has anything to do with parenting or good intentions taken too far. That just smells like an excuse to me. These people are predators who need to be held accountable. Disgusting.

  5. Oh those poor parents!! Poor Megan. *crying* I'm so sorry for them and that they are divorcing…what a bleeding tragedy. They must be VERY strong people because i cannot imagine what it must have been like to fight the urge to fight with these people in every way possible. I swear to god, I would've burned the bitch's house down. To the ground. That mother….she is a SOCIOPATH if I've ever heard of one. The real deal. No remorse. trying to cover her tracks…being able to look these poor people in the FACE, have them over to their home and not crack for a second. Megan's parents COMFORTED their daughter. And I bet she loved every minute of it. No charge huhn…well, they're the experts….but the law and order twist here, that I think would help prosecutors if there were a charge would be the phone call the one girl received from the sociopath when the ambulance was leaving. That is evidence that the sociopath bitch whore mother knew DAMN well what could've happened here. If the girl testified, it wouldn't be hear-say…I'm astounded that there wasn't even a reckless endangerment to a minor charge here. I hope the parents are successful with lobbying to change the law. I'm in Missouri right now for t-giving. This makes me want to drive for two hours and find them, hold them.

  6. I can't beleive this. Then again…I can, it's just so sad and maddening I don't want to believe it.
    This is proving to me, more and more…that so-called adults…are really just overgrown children anymore. People in my age range. they don't want to grow up, they get married, they have kids, and they are still petty, shallow and MEAN. They have never gotten out of high school mentally and pass that mentality along to their own kids and their own peers.
    Of course that is a generalization, but I really do notice a lot of parents (or even adults in general in my age range) that are nothing but overgrown adolescents. And I don't mean the ones that were "too young" to have a child, sometimes those types don;t have the time to be petty. These are the ones that are what anyone else would consider "normal" or "regular" or "decent". Ugh, this just sickens me. If there is a hell, I hope they burn in it.

  7. I can't believe that the adults behind that aren't going to be charged for ANYTHING! What does this teach them? That they can go on doing something like that to another person their daughter is having problems with. They need to be held accountable for this atrocity. Why they would want something like this hanging over their heads for the rest of their lives is beyond me. I can't believe anyone would be so cruel, especially adult neighbors. One commenter summed it up well:No One involved in the deception should be
    sitting smugly reading this. Your actions made those of some on death
    row look humane.
    Rather than taking your own daughter off of MySpace when she
    encountered troubles there, you chose to go on the offensive. You
    systematically set out to manipulate and deceive this girl. And then –
    by proxy – you caused her death.
    Your parenting is so poor, that I'm surprised that CPS hasn't been
    called to remove your children.

  8. This just proves once again that we need a stronger word than Fuckers to describe people like this. I'm with Dora, burn their house to the ground, but with them in it…*
    "Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks" – Forrest Gump

    *(hypothetically speaking of course…righhhht…)

  9. I saw this article this morning, too, and it made me sick to my stomach. I hope the authorities can find something to charge those horrible people with. Hell, I hope they have nightmares the rest of their natural (or unnatural) lives.It's unfortunate, however, that the best that might come out of this situation is laws to address future cases. The same thing happened with voyeurism cases in the 90s. It wasn't until they found that some guy had crawled into his neighbor's attic and installed video cameras in the ceiling above their bedroom that they started making laws to make that stuff illegal.The authorities' hands are tied. The article I read this morning said they're keeping the case open for now, in case evidence comes to light that they can charge. Small consolation, I know.

  10. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. This is just too awful. That poor family. I'm just sitting here shaking my head, I can barely believe it.
    Maybe there's nothing that the D.A. or Feds could charge them with, but maybe the family could sue them for intentional infliction of emotional distress or wrongful death. Take their fucking house. Civil suits are what brought down O.J., the Ku Klux Klan, and those stupid Westboro church assholes.

  11. I'm amazed at the fundamental decency of the Meiers.I think I would have smashed something more than just a foosball table.I also find it impossible to believe there isn't something they could get these psychopaths on.I'd settle for a doomed prosecution, just to make them stand up in court and describe what they did.

  12. This is a clear-cut case of child abuse. ADULTS Gaining a 13-year old's trust, then sabotaging her self-esteem. ADULTS = people who are by default powerful because of the status society accords them in relation to children.
    I hope that Lori Drew PERMANENTLY loses custody of her own child/ children. How can they grow up with a mother like that? You don't protect your children at the expense of the emotional health of their "enemies" who are 13, for crying out loud! You protect them by trying to help them maintain their self-esteem! When will people realise that 13-year-olds indulge in emotional warfare all the time, and that parents should just try to calm them down instead of interfere in their personal matters?
    I know parenting is a very tough job, but I think someone's going to have to publish "Parenting For Dummies". If people behave like they need an instruction manual on how to treat other human beings, SPECIALLY children, it's a sure indicator that as a species we're devolving, rather than evolving.
    What a shame.

  13. This is so sad. First sad thing…. kids picking on a girl for being fat. Second….that mom who set her up. I have such a hole in my heart. I have read about teen suicide and I submitted a question on the YouTube debates about teen suicide. Of course it wasn't important enough for CNN to ask the candidates. I had my life threatened by a neo-nazi for submitting it. Chances are their daughter will turn out to be the way they are. it's like that news story a few years ago when the mother killed the teenaged girl so her daughter could make the cheerleading squad. So very sad.

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