iza not Sunday…


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  1. Yeps, Mr. Bounces likes teh 'screems too. The closer it is to plain vanilla, the better, though. Bounce ain't exactly hardcore.

  2. I see ice cream 'stache! There's nothing quite like the concentrated unfocused stare of a kitteh consuming yumminess…

  3. You could just give him (her?) a little dish of it, but that wouldn't be as much fun.Does the crunchableness of the cone add to the attraction?

  4. he doesn't like it on a dish. I've tried.and he does not care for the coney crunchy goodness.just the icecream, kthkxbai'jaypo, is is a NuttyBuddy-look alike. Stevie waits patiently until I eat all the icky chocolate-peanut covering and then is nom nom nom.

  5. So fun! Poor deprived Elvis, I don't ever have ice cream in the house so he misses out. Steve is a patient kitty to wait for you to get to the good stuff!

  6. Awwww, Stevie! Kitties look so intent when they're eating. And he's holding your hand too, to make sure you don't take the num-nums away.The Miao Brothers never get ice cream, because Papa Miao only ever gets ice cream with chocolate in it.

  7. LOL! I"m ur come, likin ur izcreems.My cat ziggy once got his head stuck in a pint sized ice cream container (we were letting him lick the bottom of it). He just ran around the living room, we could tell he was licking every inch of that thing while trying not to run into things.

  8. Awwww! Dat iScreem haz a flavr!
    Has he lost weight? He looks more like a behbeh kitty in these pics (not sizewise, but he looks lean.)

  9. oh goodness gracious, no he hasn't lost weight. he's ~ 15 lbs (~ 6 3/4 kg)you just can't see his huge hips and belly.

  10. I was going to do an XCU but it came out too fuzzy You just gotta start with the SOURCE image, y'know the original unprocessed file, and crop down from there. If this was taken with LK's camera, it'll be plenty 'nuf high-resolution for at least a modestly "zoomed-in" pic. I've worked with his pix before. ;)

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