Interspecies snorgling, Bluegrass style

nice article about barn cats in the local rag.   some of the cats came along with trainers or other horse folks.  some came by themselves.  some cats have been around for years, some are new arrivals. 
as always with cats, there are no rules.    check the photo picture galleries for a lovely slide show (click on "Barn Cats", the top link).

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8 thoughts on “Interspecies snorgling, Bluegrass style

  1. sorry to make you cry, but yeah, John H. died a few weeks ago. 'twas a big deal here in horse country.and do stop by and check the Ky. Horse Park sometime. I think "Cigar" is retired here, the horse (can't remember name) who played "Seabiscuit" in the movie… is nice to see them legendary horses in the flesh.the whole of Lexington is all aflutter since we are to host the 2010 World Equestrian Games at the Horse Park. should be tons of fun.

  2. I cried like a baby when Secretariat died, and he was retired by the time I was aware of horse racing. Now my heart hurts over John H. I loved him. I feel fortunate to have been a horse crazy girl during his glory years. I'm also glad that he had a wonderful place to live out the rest of his time.
    I may have to come out for the Games. That sounds like a blast – and a great reason to make travel plans!
    As for barn cats, here's what the H family feeds ours:!.aspx
    Where there's a livestock barn, there are barn cats. It's a law of nature.

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