in the true spirit of Thanksgiving…

have a good one everyone!  think of us, your invisible internets friends before the tryptophan hits.

card found here

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11 thoughts on “in the true spirit of Thanksgiving…

  1. Yeah, I'm going to spend the next eight hours staring at those pics and licking my computer screen, I think.

  2. Well you are welcome to come down to Don's sister's with us. She's making lasagne. Her daughter is making chicken w/lemon-caper sauce and salad. I'm making Cioppino and a Sicilian salad. I don't know who else is making what.
    If you don't make it to this side of the mighty river, I hope that you and yours will have a fabulous holiday.

  3. you think you got it bad? I saw Aubrey's lasagna right before I went to bed. Visions of it all night and first thing this AM!

  4. haze, sounds like a delish menu. lasagne, cioppino, salad… not mentioned, but I'm sure several bottles of wine… lurker, I can't imagine going to bed with visions of lasagna in your head. but you are close enough to aubrey's to beat both IG and I !

  5. Lasagna!??!! This is what I get for going to bed early. It's probably all gone by now.
    Thanks for the nice wishes and wake up call. I give thanks for our abundance and wish that for others as well.
    All the best to you and yours!

  6. for anyone who wants to see Aubrey's lasagna (hee! sounds… a bit… dirty)check it out here (the lasagna, the lasagna!! …you people… <sigh> )

  7. Yeah, some aspect of Thanksgiving glorifies the gluttony Murrica engages everyday. But that don't stop me!!Goin' over to Aubs' now…

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