the tale of Pepper or “woe, woe is me!”

a few posts ago I wrote about  the uneasy peace (momentarily) achieved by the three feline roommates , erm, combatants. some commenters asked about Pepper,(aka Dr. Pepper, Peperito) the tuxie-cat.

 I now realize I had not formally introduced Pepper to my thous hundr tens of readers.  teh SO wrote about Pepper here.  is a good tale, go read it.

if you don't feel like clicking, here's Pepper's tale, retold.

Pepper lived, along with two other cats, with JoAnne, my mother-in-law. pretty decent life for a cat as JoAnne was a dedicated cat lover.  or as some may say, a CCL.  all three cats were in- and out-doors.  when JoAnne died this Summer, the other two cats were easily scooped up and taken by a family friend.  but not Pepper. no siree.  he decided to go feral. and for over two months, either teh SO or one of his sisters will go by JoAnne's trailer to leave food  and water for Pepper; rarely they'd get a quick glimpse of him and then he'd be gone.

after two months of paying the rent and still unable to catch Pepper we were starting to think we never would; at which time Pepper, having taken his sweet time, decided he was ready to go home and walked right up to my sister-in-law Tammy.   and from her to us.

Pepper walks on velvet little feet.  I cannot hear him.  teh SO calls him "the ninja kitty who skulks sneaks around the house". Pepper doesn't meow, he cries. a lot. a plaintive little cry with a question at the end.  he misses JoAnne. so do we. Pepper purrs. a lot. sometimes while crying.  he also likes to plop himself right on top of the keyboard. while I'm writing. Pepper also walks across the keyboard. he is trying to say something and I'm too obtuse to understand.





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12 thoughts on “the tale of Pepper or “woe, woe is me!”

  1. pauvre Pepper!keep trying, mariser — I'm starting to understand what TK types to the silent little white feets!

  2. Pepper is teh gorgeous, as all tuxies are. When people were wondering who Pepper was in that other post, I was all confoozled, because I thought if I knew who Pepper was, why didn't other people. Now I realize it's because I read about Pepper on teh SO's blog. Thanks for clearing that up — I was all muddled in the poor little bit of fluff I call my brain. ;-)

  3. I must admit that I'm not surprised at Pepper's origins – it was my first thought when I wondered where he had come from. Although, it serves me right for not having LK as a neighbour. I am rectifying that right now.

  4. Now it all makes sooo much sense! What a nice reminder of JoAnne though – and I'm sure he'll come around to love you guys and his new brother and sister :)

  5. You guys were so good to take Pepper in and to be so diligent when he went feral for that little while, and be patient for him. I find it so poignant when cats purr and meow at the same time, like they're emotions are overflowing. Please give him extra pats from me.

  6. What a beautiful sad story. Glad Pepper decided to adopt you guys after all.
    We have a Tuxie too, Lucky who is also a cryer. He cries if his food is more than an hour old in the dish. Must have fresh kibble NOW! He cries to be petted, cries to be left alone, and of course cries to eat all the time.
    If you've ever seen the kids' show Pokemon there's a critter on there called Shelder, who's cry Lucky imitated so perfectly that it became our nickname for him.
    Thank you for sharing Pepper's story. He looks like a sweetie pie.

  7. Yes indeed a very expensive kitty. Two months worth of rent and electricity. But it was worth I think. Pepper is very happy here. Even if I can barely get to the mouse.

  8. He is so cute Mariser. I am glad you guys got him. I know it took awhile but worth the effort. He'll be a good memory of MIL. She will be peaceful knowing he is safe and happy.

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