fQotD – moooooom, I don’t like it! do I have to eat it?

fQotD: If your Vox Neighborhood had a potluck dinner tonight,
              what dish would you avoid eating?

A:         mashed (white) potatoes.  ugh.

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19 thoughts on “fQotD – moooooom, I don’t like it! do I have to eat it?

  1. Wow! You're teh 1st Person I ever met who didn't like mashed taters!My kids would have starved to death if it wasn't for mashed taters.&:o)

  2. heh. I knew I was sticking my neck out here. no matter what food I chose, its defenders would run to the barricades.and I don't like gravy either… not hard to believe being a vegetatarian and all.for the record I <3 sweet potatoes/yams: baked, fried, boiled, even… mashed.

  3. ha! It's just that mashed white potatoes is probably THE most neutral entree around. You're really the first person that I heard say they hate them.Don't worry about us tater defenders — it's not as if you're going to wake up in the middle of the night to find a box of Hungry Jack has been thrown through your front window or anything…&:o)

  4. As long as there is butter, I shall selflessly endeavor to eat Mariser's share of the mashed potatoes. No need for anyone else to suffer. Oh, and you all can have my share of all the miscellaneous jello salads.

  5. My Sister in law wont eat mashed postatoes either. Yes, I see that spelling error, but shall leave it since this is a post. About potatoes.YGRS – LOL! Ossifer, I dunno, who teh Hungry Jack perp wuz. "I'm a Hungry Jack, and I don't care!"Seriously. Mariser, thank you. You showed me what <3 means. I've always wondered. And, I din't know you were a vegetarian. Kewl. Not that I am. A vegetarian.

  6. when we were growing up, my father would never let my mother serve the potatoes mashed – something to add to his list of quirks
    but it's okay coming from you, mariser :-)
    (btw, I know you've posted veggie recipes before, but I honestly didn't know until this post that you were vegetarian)

  7. I didn't know you were a veggieterian either, mariser. I tried it – couldn't do it – but I still feel guilty lots of times about it. When I was prepping our poor little turkey last week, I seriously felt bad about it. I apologized to him for having to die just so I could eat him. The wrapper said he was a "Young Turkey" so that made me feel even worse.&:o(

  8. heh. is no big deal. I'm not a real vegetarian i.e. "vegan" like littlem (no animal products). I eat eggs and dairy and wear leather shoes – only have 3 -4 pairs of shoes at any given time, so I hope not to be doing too much damage there.most people are surprised to hear I'm a vegetarian. a common reaction:bbbbut you are fat! I thought vegetarians were skinny!;P

  9. You are so too a real vegetarian, mariser.Mashed potatoes is the state vegetable of Wisconsin. It's a sin not to like it.

  10. Can I have some butter on my mashed potatoes? Yum! All I brought was pumpkin pie (because I love and I can eat it all season!)

  11. I hate mashed 'taters too!
    (But I also load on dairy – esp. yoghurt – and the occasional egg. I don't use leather, tho.)

  12. Hmmm… No one asked the why about why you don't like them. So I guess it falls to me. My food to avoid is chicken. I will eat just about anything, but I ate so much chicken as a kid I can hardly stand to eat it anymore. So why for you not be liken dem spuds?

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