the always awesome RedZilla, as she does on occasion, took an inane QotD about Black Friday shopping and turned it into an essay on mindless gift-giving and charitable options.  go read the post if you haven't.

I started to leave a comment there but it got too long, so I decided it to make a post out of it.

I am always amazed at the frenzy of shoppingshoppingshopping every Christmas; it has been many years and I'm amazed anew each time. and is not only the shopshopshop but the stress and the panic and the "omfg, I forgot to get a gift for my sister-in-law's parents!".  that ain't for me. I got enough to do as it is.

several years ago teh SO and I made an announcement: henceforth we get Christmas gifts to the kids (defined as "have-not-finished-high-school" and each of our mothers.  that's it.    it took a few years for our respective families to accept our stance and there were some awkward moments, with sisters and sisters-in-law handing us "our present" and getting nothing in exchange but a gentle reminder of our stance.  eventually everyone learned to not get us gifts.

in the last few years I've been delighted to hear my mom say "we have too much stuff, don't get us anything. if you want to, make a donation to Code Pink or the International Red Cross"  which I'm more than happy to do.  I am also glad that for the last two years my 11-year-old niece has requested her gift be a donation to Unicef.
we give locally, mostly to God's Pantry  and to Hospice; I think this year we'll add Heifer International and Kiva.

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7 thoughts on “Consumed

  1. would you be so kind as to have a read of my post and let me know your thoughts on the arguments I've linked to? no one has taken the bait so far – lol – I may send it out as a share just to try to get some reaction as I am very curious about it all

  2. or maybe everyone has been as busy as I've been today…I saw your post this am but didn't have a chance to comment. I meant to go back to it, I promise.

  3. lol don't go giving them excuses! and I try not to think of others as being busy because it will just remind me that I'm not getting nearly enough work done today – lol
    actually, I just figured that it's because I had another post quite soon afterwards so people might not have seen it – that's why I thought I'd wait for a while before I sent it as a share – no blaming here, honest! :-)

  4. I intend to print out Redz' post and now Mariser's and just hand them to my entire family at Christmas (maybe right before the ritual Opening of the Gifts) with the instructions to "Enjoy your loot now, those are the last gifts you'll be seeing from me for a long long time. Suckers." Heh.

  5. I saw your post and knew I couldn't give the time and attention you deserve – and also because I thought I probably should get something done at work for a change. ;-)
    I don't need stuff, either. But I'll never turn down a Target gift card from the family. I can always find stuff I need, although I'm sure they were hoping I would buy something more classy than kitty litter for Elvis and toilet paper for me. Ha!

  6. yeah. I stepped out of the shopping frenzy years ago and now my whole family is just happy to be together. That's gift enough for us! While everyone goes nuts, we can relax.

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