Mmm, gingerbread Pop-Tarts! – what a great way to end November

SuziJane sez,

These are sooo good! The filling is icing, and they're dusted with sugar. Plus, they smell heavenly!

she also sez, This photo is public                                                       photo found at SuziJane's Flickr

and thus ends for me NaBloPoMo 2007




                                       I'll miss  <—————–

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15 thoughts on “Mmm, gingerbread Pop-Tarts! – what a great way to end November

  1. Ooh, must try.
    MomH always thought PopTarts were teh evil and nasty, so she refused our little, whiny pleas during every shopping trip in our childhood.
    Then one year, when we were teenagers, they started showing up in our Christmas stockings. Hilarious.

  2. The filling is icing? OMG! I'll bet (like all the most fun snack foods) we don't get these in Canada.We do have a donut with an icing filling, though. Like a jelly donut, only with chocolate glaze on top, and icing filling where the jelly would be.

  3. momH is (as always) right. P-Ts are evil. and nasty. thus their appeal.of course, once you childrenH were all grown, momH could let you eat that junk with a clear conscience: you were on yer own. ;)laurie, don't worry, I'll get a few packs for you when I go hunting for mine this afternoon after work.

  4. Yep, you're right. Plus, when we saw them in our stockings, we cracked up. It made them much more enjoyable.

  5. I love Pop-Tarts, but have pretty much banned them from my life. These however, might just drag me back into the Dark Side. Are they breakfasty, or more desserty?

  6. Oh, I didn't see the flickr thing – I thought they were your own personal Pop-Tarts :)
    I suspect they're even sweeter than the chocolate frosted ones (which I can totally justify for breakfast), so you're probably right about them being more of a dessert toaster item.

  7. A guy I work with (the same one who bought us banana-cream-filled-Twinkies) brought us a box of Gingerbread P-Ts. I think we're still frightened of them.

  8. I looooved Pop Tarts as a kid. Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and they still call to me, though I have not given in. These will test my resolve even further.Do report in on how they taste and compare/contrast to other Pop Tarts.

  9. I like Pop Tarts, but only the brown sugar cinnamon and frosted strawberry ones. The non-frosted ones are too dry. And (heresy!) the chocolate ones are nasty!These look pretty tasty, though. I haven't looked at the Flickr page yet. Are these made by Kellogg's or are they homemade/home-modified?

  10. I gotta admit, I break off the edges of the frosted ones and don't eat them. And never both with the unfrosted either.

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