Best wishes

to all of you, in any which way you chose to spend the day.

my sister Lotta and I celebrated Cinemas (with a nod to RedZilla) by taking in a double-feature this afternoon:  Sweeney Todd and No Country for Old Men.  both very good movies, but I totally <3 Sweeney.  Johnny Depp rulez!! 
in re NCfOM:  it was nice to see Tommy Lee Jones not chewing scenery, Javier Bardem's haircut deserves its own Oscar nomination, and Josh Brolin was a revelation – walked away with the movie.
then we came home and had leftovers. !yum!

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8 thoughts on “Best wishes

  1. STodd interests me very much – even Boyfriend has expressed an interest. This might be the movie that we actually go out to see.
    (predition: during the upcoming Spring Fashion Week, goth Victoriana will be making a comeback – not that I disapprove!)
    Hope you had a great day Mariser.

  2. I meant to do something similar today, but The Cold and the idea of going out into the cold put the kaibosh on that plan. I loved Tommy Lee Jones in NCfOM – I wish there was more of him in it. Can't wait to see Sweeney!Sounds like you had a great day :)

  3. Woot! We are going to see Sweeney on Saturday! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!We saw NCfOM. Meh. I liked the actors, watching them was worth it. (Haircut, even, LOL) but the storyline left me "meh". Oh, I see I already typed that. :PI know it was supposed to do that, but still…..meh! ;)

  4. Aubs, hope you enjoy Sweeney as much as I did. it may provide some ideas on what to do in re: the bastard who took your purse. : |a note: I think you are (like me) are not a big fan of horror and graphic violence – and Sweeney has a *lot* of both. but it was ok. I didn't scream even once.

  5. sweeney todd was a great movie!! i really enjoyed it. i just love the way tim burton makes movies – that dark gothic style is awesome. plus, any movie he makes with johnny depp is pretty much guaranteed to be good – except willy wonka, but we can forgive them one slip up.

  6. I saw NCFoM on Christmas Eve with my father: loved it! That pageboy was awesome, and all the other actors as well. I haven't seen Sweeney Todd yet, but am looking forward to it.

  7. I enjoyed Sweeney Todd immensely! It was Tim Burton…..and Johnny Depp. What else does anyone need to say????My hubby didn't like it. I don't think he knew what to look for. :PWe saw "Charlie Wilson's War" last night and liked it a LOT. There was so much good history and information there. I would recommend it to ANYone!!!

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