choose your pleasure

at the Screen Actors Guild awards – Los Angeles, January 27, 2008

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QotD: My 10 Thingies

What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette

1. ate horse meat

2. attended a Presidential candidates press conference without any press credentials

3. been tear-gassed. Thrice

4. drove my WW Bug into the Caribbean sea to see if it could float.  yep

5. helped my mom fry dog food (kibble) and served it to my dad and his friends. they ate it. asked for more. that they were quite drunk may have helped.

6. got married at 10:00am on January 1st

7. stumbled across an animal sacrifice altar, in the woods, at dusk

8. was mistaken for press during the Florida vote recount

9. watched figure-8 races from the pits

10.went to an interview during a camping trip


shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

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one more

to add to the choir.  our song?  VOX, this last design sucks!

many folks, both in and out of my neighborhood have already complained in detail about the suckiness, the lack of drop-down menus, the increase in page views (clicks), the difficulty in keeping up with one's friends and neighbors.   ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.

what I wish to complain about in detail is something that was not in the beta of this release – so no mea culpas for not submitting feedback on it at the time – and that is the increase in VOX's editorial presence.  instead of one [tig] we now have five [not as good as [tig] thingies].

5x the editorializing = 5 [not as good as [tig] thingies = < 1  [tig]

the old [tig] had an element of whimsy which is missing in the new, unimproved, editorial [thingies]: it was fun to check and to congratulate both your friends and folks you didn't know for their [tigs]. the new ones are hard to keep track of and not as "special" 

the 5 [thingies] are more like the sections of a newspaper:  there is the "Life" section, the "News and Politics", the "Culture" – which up to know has been just about food and eating.  weird  -, and so on.  is too compartamentalized.  how about "Rants"?  or "Bitching"? hell, how about "Sports"?  what happens to awesome posts that do not fit into one of the 5 [thingies]? or that fit into more than one?

to summarize:

VOX, this last design sucks!

VOX, bring back [tig]!

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mp3eme VOX: Favorite Soundtrack – Quadrophenia

there are many soundtracks I love, but my favorite is Quadrophenia.  it takes me back to my 'tweens.

the movie's end

the clips below are from the Quadrophenia concert of 1996.

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Best Western – the choice of methheads everywhere

no spare room at home to run your meth lab?  no problem!  just rent a room in your neighborhood Best Western.

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