QotD: NYE 2008 –

Who is ringing in the New Year with you?  Who do you wish could be with you, but isn't there?

too many to count, qotd, you heartless bastard. and I will miss even more next NYE

but thanks for asking  :|

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4 thoughts on “QotD: NYE 2008 –

  1. Hi Mariser – I was thinking of you yesterday and hope you're feeling well. Take care and best wishes for 2008.(yeah, I don't think many folks on vox thought much of this qotd)

  2. arbed, thanks for the good wishes. right back at you. hope 2008 is teh bestest year evar!(I try to ignore the qotd, but its callousness got to me. my bad)

  3. Oy. This qotd hits many, many nerves for me, too. But I'm not even going to worry my pretty little head about it, capiche? ;)Feliz Ano Novo to you and yours, mariser.

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