I can’t resist – warning: possible grossness ahead

if you thought "Ratatouille" was cute, read on.  if not, skip.

I just had the note below forwarded by teh SO:  it was sent company-wide by a cow-orker

Subject: Please close the lids on the sugar and creamer in the breakrooms

This morning I went to put some sugar in my coffee and a mouse jumped out of the little triangular shaped hole in the sugar container.  He would not have been able to get in there if the lid had been closed



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11 thoughts on “I can’t resist – warning: possible grossness ahead

  1. Mousie on a sugar high! That's cute.Just think of the times they sweetened their coffee in ignorance. That's creepy.

  2. I've come into our office to find half and half on the counter, fridge door ajar and lid off the coffee. I should be thankful our only problem is gnats (and the occasional earwig). Ick.

  3. Hehehe, aw. I'd love to see a mouse on a sugar high. I had mice a few years back (not a fun experience) and they devoured this chocolate ornament I forgot about. Goes to show that chocolate isn't bad for rodents, lol

  4. Omg, this is SO funny!
    My parents had one of those sugar bowls that sits on a slight angle, glass with the top made of aluminum (?). Every night they would find the top off the sugar jar, and couldn't figure out what it was until they spied one night. It was a mousey and he would flip up in the air over and over until he knocked the lid off.
    They are determined little dewds! :)

  5. Individual sugar packets is an excellent idea, Laurie!
    Of course, if Mousie had done anything significant, I think it might have been painfully obvious. Or, I hope so, anyway.

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