New Years day – lazy lazy lazeeee

if what you spend the first day of the year doing predicts the rest of the year, I predict I'll be a slug.  after having the traditional black-eyed peas for breakfast, I've spent the rest of the day on the couch watching the first season of Arrested Development.  I've finished two out of the three disks and have been literally laughing my head off.

best cow-related line:
                   Maeby (to Lindsay, her mom):   why are you against leather? you are not even a vegetarian!
                   Lindsay:                                  I'm not against the insides. people need meat to survive

                   Michael:                                  you are aware they don't remove it [meat] from the cows surgically, right?

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18 thoughts on “New Years day – lazy lazy lazeeee

  1. Kevin asked if I got the black eyed peas Mariser. How come he never brought them up the first 16 years,lol. I took about five naps today but then ate too much and got a stomach ache. I'm going to make cocoa. The Lebowski thing is a hoot. Hypnotic. Hope you guys had a nice holiday. Arrested Development is outstanding. I love Gob also. The whole thing is just too funny and glad I can find it in reruns lately. Well, the Wildcats won. We saw more Kentuckians then Tennesseans yesterday.

  2. hey DB, as you guessed the black-eyed peas are a bit of a Southern'er thing. I've had them on NYDay so many times now that I'm afraid something bad will happen if I don't have them. heh.good for the Wildcats; gotta have something, since the men's basketball team is performing horribly.

  3. We didn't make it to a bowl game for the fortieth year in a row,lol. Our men's BB team is undefeated and we are enjoying winning something other than bowling for a change. We are actually ranked nationally. You guys have a great holiday. Back to work tomorrow and just in time to close out the month in paperwork and accounting. Nothing like a few days off to make all the work pile up.

  4. we're having the black eyed peas for dinner in a few. the couple years we didn't, horrible things DID happen — like dad being in the hospital for a month and then more months of physical therapy.We slept VERY late, had teh leftover champagne in our OJ, have been watching the hi-def TV (incl. HD Rose Parade sans ads), petting kittehs, munching, surfing the net. so if the year is like that, it'll be GREAT!

  5. I got to watch my team get spanked today. It's not unusual, but you would think that if they got to their first Rose Bowl in 23 years they'd make a humongous effort to actually win. I guess there's always repeats of World's Strongest Man on ESPN2….

  6. Hey, mariser!!! Happy New Year!We can all certainly hope for a better 2008!!!! (dammit, it had better be better!!!)Gaaaaa. Poor Illinois. But…ah well, there are more important things than sports…..right???I slept a lot. Fed chickens and wild birds. Went for a walk in a lovely snowfall. Now…maybe if I go to bed early tonight I will wake up ready to organize my life this year. ??? Think??? Naaaaaah. Maybe not!!!Still, take care and have fun! :)))))

  7. I LOVED that scene. What a great show. I need to start up on the season two set one of these days.
    I unpacked my suitcase, ran three miles, watched football, did three loads of laundry, picked up a friend at the airport, had Mexican food for lunch, did some cleaning, downloaded trip pics, posted on Vox twice, called Blind Date Guy and set up a date for Friday night, and went to the bookstore. They were having their customer appreciation 25% off everything sale, plus I had a store credit. I picked up a used copy of Frankenstein for $2 but found out it was 50% off. I told the cashier, "Great! I'll buy that for a dollar!" He thought that was pretty funny.
    Gosh, now it seems like I had a busy day. Guess I better go rest. Football is still on, after all.

  8. You have a date Friday night with that guy? Woo hoo!! Now that's the way to kick off the new year! It snowed pretty steadily and thickly all day, so I stayed in–with my knee it's just too hard to get around in the snow. We did lots of cleaning and tidying. I tried to convince Mr. BrownA to go cross-country skiing–there are gorgeous trails less than a 15-minute drive from our house, and this is the first winter in years that the conditions have been this great this early. He didn't feel like dragging all his gear out of the depths of the basement and cleaning and waxing his skis, though, so he just stayed home too.

  9. Happy New Year, Mariser! Hope it's a wonderful one!
    If what one does on New Year's Day is a foretaste of the rest of the year, I'm going to become a laundress, I guess. I did umpteen-bazillion loads of laundry today. Woo-hoo! I have such an exciting life. (But I had bought a bunch of new clothes, and had to get 'em all ready to go to work, so that part is kind of exciting…)
    I thought about black-eyed peas. Does that count? They're hard to find around here, or I would have had them. (I've never lived in the South, but I've been writing about the South for so long that some of the traditions have rubbed off on me…)

  10. I heard about the black-eyes peas things just yesterday and so naturally everything I read today makes mention of them – isn't that always the way?All the best to you and Lord K!

  11. Hmmmm, I've never had black-eyed peas. I did have a teacher dress up as one back in middle school…Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope it's spectacular!

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