Rudy Giuliani’s strategy is becoming clear

having given up any attempt to be competitive in the early-primary states, Rudy G. stated strategy is to go after the big states, such as Florida, New York, and California.
after seeing his new ad (via wonkette) I have to believe his strategy is more along the lines of going after the racist, ignorant, know-nothing contingent.

the fucker is a shameless bottom-feeder.

P.S.:  I'm by no means an expert and gladly accept corrections, but isn't the Muslim call to prayer in the soundtrack?

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8 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani’s strategy is becoming clear

  1. Yep. Us and sometimes Israel, depending on who's blowing up what.Rudy can 9/11 all the rednecks he wants, but they're still not gonna go for Mr. thrice-divorced/gay-friendly.The only thing I like is, ironically, his avoiding all the crapola in Iowa and NH and concentrating on places where lots of people actually, y'know, live.

  2. browna is it ever! is baffling to us…lurker, I agree that Rudy G. is taking a stand against the conventional wisdom: Iowa and N. Hampshire have entirely too much and undeserved influence in the nominating process. but that's the only thing I give him credit fordewi, he is not trying to play 9/11 again. he hasn't stopped. last year he even had a gall of announcing an Internet fundraising requesting each supporter sent 9 dollars and 11 cents – $ 9.11 _ to his campaign. the fundraiser was eventually cancelled.

  3. This man is a fucking criminal. And he seriously thinks that people aren't going to figure that out then he's fooling himself. To my core, this man disgusts me. I'm glad he wasn't my mayor for very long after I moved here.

  4. You are right, mariser, he is a shameless bottom feeder fucker. But, so are MOST of them.
    Dammit, if another conservative republican gets in the whitehouse I really WILL move out of the country.
    LOL…it probably IS a muslim call to prayer. I can't listen, I will self combust.

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