happy epiphany!

also known as twelfth night, the last of the twelve days of Christmas or day of the Magi, celebrating the day the three Magi/Wise Men/Kings arrived to see baby Jesus.
back when I was a kid a few centuries ago, we were taught to leave our shoes out on the windowsill so the Magi would leave us presents:  clever girls my sisters and I were, we figured out early on that bigger shoes = bigger presents = dad's shoes on the windowsill.  according to mom lore, the first year this caused quite an early morning consternation for my poor dad who *almost* had to go to work in socks.

here's a song for the day.

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2 thoughts on “happy epiphany!

  1. There was a spoof on that song when I was younger:We three kings of Orientar (thought it was one word)Tried to smoke a rubber cigarIt was loaded, it explodedBOOM! That was the end of him….and so on with two kings and then one king. lol

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