decide, damnit!

we had quite a balmy December here in ole Kentucky.  which puts the fear in the hearts of any long-term residents, as the usual equation is:  balmy, pleasant December = bitterly cold and miserable January.

and January began right on schedule:
January 1 2008

Mean Temperature      13F / -10C
Max Temperature        17F / -8C
Min Temperature          9F / -12C

with windchills to match.

then over this past weekend a warming trend began, which has now reached this ridiculousness:
January 7 2008

Mean Temperature      64F / 18C
Max Temperature        70F / 21C
Min Temperature         57F / 14C

and the warming trend is supposed to continue.  what's next, a heat wave?

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6 thoughts on “decide, damnit!

  1. Seriously! I dressed all wrong this morning and had to run home in the middle of the day to change into a little t-shirt. Wasn't it snowing just last week? Of course, I like it warm, so I'm not complaining, exactly. :-)

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