if I were a candidate…

…I'd be Dennis Kucinich.  no surprise there.  2nd and 3rd are a bit surprising as I know little-to-nothing about them and their positions, but hey, at least they are Democrats.  Dodd withdrew after the Iowa cauci, noone has seen Gravel for a while, and Dennis is still hanging on…
play along here

NOTE 1:  yeah, the quiz is not too great. some questions I jsut wanted to say "none of the above" but that wasn't a     choice. 'tis just a game.
NOTE 2: this is a flash game, thus can't save picture or code.  I had to go the "PrintScreen" –>copy in MS Paint –> crop –> save as .jpg –> upload to VOX route. 

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10 thoughts on “if I were a candidate…

  1. I'm just going to paste a comment I just made elsewhere word-for-word:I match up with Kucinich on all of those polls too. I wonder if we
    changed our system of voting to something like that who would be

  2. I'm with you. really, most of the position statements on the candidate game are completely loony. Dennis K comes out veryvery well when compared on intellectual and policy terms.'tis a shame he's too short to be "Presidential". gagKentucky doesn't get to vote on the primaries until May, when the whole thing is sawn-up. I'm becoming more and more convinced that we need a national primary; maybe extend the vote during a weekend; anything which is not the mess we have now.

  3. I'm Kucinich for #1, which is what I expected since he's who I've supported, Gravel for #2, but Huckabee for #3 – are they kidding me? Seriously, wtf?

  4. I'm a Kucinich man too. Second was Mike Gravel, third Bill Richardson. Whoever that is… And yeah, at least they're all Democrats!

  5. I was Kucinich 1 and then 2 republicans How did this happen??? Huckabee 2 and Guliani 3 Eeeeekkkkkkkk But really I am A democrat.

  6. Interesting, wasn't it?I got Dodd, Kucinich and Guliani.Bit, it does really bother me the "all or nothing" questions.

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