Best Western – the choice of methheads everywhere

no spare room at home to run your meth lab?  no problem!  just rent a room in your neighborhood Best Western.

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8 thoughts on “Best Western – the choice of methheads everywhere

  1. Could make sence, if it looks like its going to go kaboom, you can run and as long as you used a false name and cash, little to track back to you and if you clear the lab gear out the cleaners should get rid of any evidence, (cheaper hotels don't have as good cleaning)
    And I'm sure hotels are used to guests staying inside for several days and leaving an 'odd aroma' and having moved the furniture around.

  2. Do you know about mobile meth labs? In my area they cook it with portable camp stoves in back seats or the trunk. Apparently it doesn't like to be shook up and often explodes. We have exploding cars full of hoosiers (hoosier is a local epithet for "white trash," not a reference folks from Indiana who proudly brag "The Hoosier State" ::snorts::)."This is how I roll" takes on a whole new meaning. The article is worth a read if you're unfamiliar with meth or care about the environment. It's from the Sierra Club (I'm a member, yo) and details the dent these chemicals make — forget Beavis and Butthead. It's all of us, baby: water, land, air. It's horrifying.

  3. Is it terribly wrong that the first thing I thought of when I read this post was stand-up comic Kathleen Madigan's line "I've always vowed never to do drugs that involve rednecks and science. That's why all those labs blow up every night."And like roisin, I first read "methheads" as "meatheads." Makes sense either way, really. :-)

  4. "Hello, room service? Could you send up two cheeseburger platters? One with lettuce, tomato, and onion, and the other with pseudoephedrine and iodine. And a big pot of ether to drink."Makes you wonder what goes on at the Second-Best Western.

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