goodbye bobby

who would have thought this smiling teenager

would grow up to be a "Cold War warrior" and American hero

and become an angry recluse

Bobby Fischer died today in Iceland of renal failure after a long illness. story

rest in peace, bobby.

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12 thoughts on “goodbye bobby

  1. Being extremely intelligent is never easy. Or extremely creative. I remember hearing all of those news stories about Bobby Fischer the whole time I was growing up.Rest in Peace.

  2. Oh wow. I read about his death this morning, but that last picture, wow. Reminds me of John Dupont or whatever his name is.
    very sad, but what an interesting life. RIP.

  3. I missed the news till I saw your post. All I know about him I learned from the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, which is one of my favorites. Too bad.

  4. I watched Searching for Bobby Fischer last year. I was too little to know of him at all, but I understood his uniqueness of talent.

  5. It's not about him exactly, it's a drama about a child chess prodigy, who's said to be like him, and they recap some of Bobby Fischer's story in it. But still a good movie.

  6. Right, thanks Laurie. I meant to say it wasn't about him. It is a good movie and worth watching, regardless.

  7. Wow. He was an idol for many of us chess aficionados while we were
    growing up (that's when Indian GM Vishwanathan Anand began his winning
    spree.) RIP.

  8. I was all like "Aw, Bobby Fischer" until someone pointed me to some of these quotes. No one has been able to tell me they're not for real yet, but I hope to sweet lawd almighty that they are.

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