to amyh, on the occasion of her birthday

I am tempted to wax poetic to conmemorate your birthday

and then I thought

why not let the cows say it?

happy birthday amy!  may no electric fences mar your horizons

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16 thoughts on “to amyh, on the occasion of her birthday

  1. Moooochos gracias for sharing this enlightening birthday greeting!LOL!!!!Oh, and *snap snap*, too! Snicker!!

  2. This is marvelous! Like RedZ, this is one of my favorite Far Side cartoons EVAR!
    Thank you, dearest Mariser!
    ((hugs)) and *snaps*

  3. I would love to see a cow trying to snap it's hoofs. I, also, just love to say "hoofs". Kinda hang yer teeth out like your bucktoothed and say "hoofs". It's fun. :P

  4. What? You don't say "hooves"? What about "roofs"–you don't say "rooves"? What kind of good Anglo-Saxon are you??? *shakes a raw mutton chop in your direction*

  5. ROFL. That's exactly what I'm-a sayin', jaypo. *grabs mutton chop and starts gnawing*When I was growing up it WAS hooves. Not rooves, of course, but definitely hooves. And NOW everywhere I read hoofs. AND, dwarfs. What ever happened to dwarves??? *shakes mutton chop back atcha*

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