outsourcing has gone too far!

I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline.
Got a call centre in Pakistan .
I told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked if I
could drive a truck

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NOTE:  this is a joke.  (for now…)

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20 thoughts on “outsourcing has gone too far!

  1. Whew! *wipes forehead* I really bought that!! Hell yeah it's plausible. Have you tried getting AT&T customer service to fix your service plan lately? :-P

  2. This reminds me about the old central air joke. You know, where the guy calls the service line to say his air isn't working, and the guy says, "do you have windows?" man replies, "yes." helpline replies, "go to the second story, open the window, walk out…"*sighs*some things never change.

  3. If you call certain help desks and press one for English, you get someone in Bangladesh. But, press two for Espanol and you get a call center in Texas. LOLOL

  4. heh. there are several elements to the joke -1. …so I called Lifeline… – Lifeline is one of several crisis telephone hotlines where trained volunteers talk to callers who are despondent to the point of crisis and considering suicide or other violent acts. the calls to a telephone hotline2. …got a call centre… – a telephone hotline call often goes to a call centre, i.e. a place where a number of persons receive phone calls3. …in Pakistan… – as you know, many commercial/business call centres have moved to India. the joke's punchline don't work with India, thus Pakistan, which a) neighbors India, and b) has a bit of a terrorist problem4. …I was suicidal…drive a truck – the punchline: suicidal + truck = suicidal terrorist, i.e., drive a truck full of explosives into a crowd.

  5. aw suga', sorry. I went into a big detailed explanation 'cos I wasn't sure which part you didnt' get. as I wrote it, I was surprised to see how much previous knowledge one has to have to get the joke. interesting.I know most bombs are planted on the road, but then you couldn't make the joke. poetic license, I suppose

  6. I found it very interesting to see each element explained! It's amazing how brains work, isn't it?
    And then add humor to them…..wheeeeee!

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