QotD: My 10 Thingies

What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette

1. ate horse meat

2. attended a Presidential candidates press conference without any press credentials

3. been tear-gassed. Thrice

4. drove my WW Bug into the Caribbean sea to see if it could float.  yep

5. helped my mom fry dog food (kibble) and served it to my dad and his friends. they ate it. asked for more. that they were quite drunk may have helped.

6. got married at 10:00am on January 1st

7. stumbled across an animal sacrifice altar, in the woods, at dusk

8. was mistaken for press during the Florida vote recount

9. watched figure-8 races from the pits

10.went to an interview during a camping trip


shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

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14 thoughts on “QotD: My 10 Thingies

  1. I think it was grilled outside. I was a kid, in my grandmother's farm, and the horse had been a resident of the farm until the previous day. I remember the meat was intensely red and it tasted sweet. not something I care to ever eat again.

  2. These lists are SO cool!
    Tear-gassed thrice! Whoa! I have never done anything rebellious (hardly) in my life!!! How exciting!!
    Creepy creepy about animal sacrifice altar!
    Cool about getting married on Jan 1!
    You done good, mariser!

  3. heh. nothing as dramatic as your experiences in the Philippines.in the early 80's, while Venezuela still had a (mostly)democracy [sigh. the good old days] the government first threatened to, and eventually closed an opposition newspaper. there were a series of protests and demonstrations that kept on getting bigger and bigger. after the first tear-gassing, we learned to go in with bandannas soaked in white vinegar. it wasn't too bad; I was never gassed directly, luckily. after ~ a month of daily protests the government relented and allowed the paper to continue publication.

  4. Never got tear gassed directly either. And unlike my love, just once. DC antiwar march in April 2003. Basically I had noticed that the police had an impressive blockade on all the side streets and I wanted a pic. They had blocked the side streets to keep the anarchists from causing issues with the world bank which was meeting at the same time. So I separated from mariser to take pictures and then I heard the pop pop pop and of course ran…..Lesson. When in a protest stay away from the anarchists!

  5. Wow. I still think that is SO…well…..noble. I mean that.
    To get out there and stand up for what you believe in. We may all be doing that sooner than we think! Thanks for these great stories!!!

  6. Getting tear gassed? That happens all the time at our family reunions. Police involvement, gun shots, firebombs, all the usual things. LOL
    I love the one about dog food though. The stuff that makes it's own gravy is pretty good too. LOLOL

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