choose your pleasure

at the Screen Actors Guild awards – Los Angeles, January 27, 2008

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25 thoughts on “choose your pleasure

  1. If Daniel Day-Lewis was in that shot, I'm afraid that MichelleMB – much as I love her – and I would get into a horrible, well-televised, much-talked-about, catfight.

  2. *under cover of the fray, Lauri grabs Viggo by his obnoxious tie and drags him off to some secluded place to redress him*
    (yes, undressing does come with redressing.

  3. Ladies, ladies…if DD-L was in that shot, there would be more than enough man to go around! The testosterone emitted by the 3 of them would cause some sort of vortex or something…For as much as I love me the Viggo, I'd have to ask that he put the prison tattoos back on. Mee-ow!

  4. Yeah, Viggo is still nom-nom-nommy, but he is not nearly nekkid enough. Not even the face! Maybe he's suffering from PNFSSD*. if so, I will gladly help him work his way through it.

    *Post Nekkid Fight Scene Stress Disorder
    Javier is stylin. Bobavey should take a look at that. ;-)

  5. cranky, remember that photo of happy Elvis that someone-I-don't-remember-who photoshopped into a picture of Kim Jong Il and then someone used to create "Fidelvis"? someone should photoshop that picture of Elvis in between Javier and Viggo. that'd be hilarious.

  6. cranky, I found the picture! this one!now, someone get to work.and IG, I'd pin that picture in my locker too.

  7. that was me!!
    oh…wait…are you talking about the New Axis of Evil, with Elvy on KJI's shoulder and what's his face the Iranian pres? That was Towel Boy. I made Fidelvis myself. I also made a Kim Jong-Ilvis one, but that one was far too fucking creepy for posting. (I think)

  8. so it was you! sorry I didn't remember. don't you think Elvis would look awesome propped right where Javier and Viggo's shoulders meet?

  9. yeppers! It's going to have to wait, though. I was checking my pics, they all need resizing and shit. I'll end up spending 3 hours on it, I'm too tired right now! (maybe at work tomorrow ;-) )
    Towel Boy did the new axis of evil, nice one,huh?

  10. BREAKING NEWS: I just got Eastern Promises from Netflix. It musta been Cranky that promoted it? (I can't find the post though). Any suggestions or warnings before I watch it? ;-)

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