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that *other* dream ticket

I am one of many who dreams of a Democrat *Dream/Union ticket",  Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton.  that is sadly, very unlikely at this point.

…but a new contender has risen!


the hypnotoad ("all hail the hypnotoad") has graciously agreed to share the Obama ticket

Resistance is (as if you didn't know) futile.  give in. 

thanks and acknowledgments to:

Futurama – creators of the Hypnotoad.  little they knew their creation would destroy them

Rumors Daily – from where the awesom-O Hypnobama banners were lifted

the comments on this post by M—-l – where the reference to the mighty Hypnobama was made by Paige

the above mentioned Paige's VOX home

we thank you, Hypnobama thanks you, Hypnotoad will consider eating you last.

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the goats that get Jon Katz’s goat – Jon Katz in Slate Magazine

article in I want to live in Jon Katz's farm, "Bedlam Farm" – but I don't want to be a person living there, I want to be one of the non-human residents. like the ever-watchful catcher-of-the mice, Mother the tortoishell cat. or the amorous bull, Elvis. or like the impertinent goats featured today.

from later in the article : My goats are not contemplative, accepting, or introspective. They are the Greek chorus of my farm, sometimes of my life. They watch me closely and remind me that I am foolish. Unlike cows, they are not accepting. Unlike sheep, they are smart. Unlike donkeys, they are intrusive. Unlike dogs, they are useless, except to annoy me (also just like the guests on cable talk shows).

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Wikileaks – this is fucking awesome

Wikileaks is what is needed right now. it is a great concept, to allow whistleblowers, muckrackers and other truth-tellers a place to post documents and evidence that perpetrators and responsible parties would like to keep hidden.  Wikileaks made it into the news recently due to an injunction ruling by a judge in a fight between Wikileaks and a Cayman Islands bank

here are some interesting documents:

war by the rules in Iraq

moving detainee operations to Afghanistan

Red Cross monitors barred from Guantanamo

Internet censorship in Thailand

Stasi still in charge of their files in Germany


site is slow right now, so be patient – it's worth it.

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In time of need, Apple’s new icon, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you – Times Online

correction: much of the rebate money to be spent on household goods and electrical items — and that means television sets toilet paper and iPods.

I'm not a fan of Donald Trump's by any means, but he got this one right on: "Trump is also critical of the Bush tax rebates to spur the economy. He believes many Americans will simply buy some consumer product manufactured in China and only send more U.S. dollars overseas rather than really invest in America."

no shit, Sherlock.  let's not forget the iPods are made in China.


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go Hil, go!

I am of an age and gender than can't help it but to feel our heart's a-flutter at the thought of a woman President. and if not Hillary, then who?
I expect that in a dozen years we may have a dozen possible female candidates for the Presidency but I'm not willing to wait that long.

while I dislike the "I'm tested, I'm ready" slogan of the Clinton campaign (sounds too much like Rudy G. – shudders), I do believe Hillary to be practical and pragmatic – characteristics that will allow her to work with the Congress (which may or may not be in Democrat hands during her tenure) and reach a consensus.  politics are not pretty, a sentiment spoused by Otto von Bismark over a century ago -  "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made"  – and the process of creating legislation requires the ability to give and take, to compromise, and to not be painted into a corner.  Pragmatism is underestimated and it doesnt' appeal to the idealist in all of us, but is good to remember that the current idiot-in-chief is in his own way an idealist, unwilling to let facts and figures interfere with his vision of what is right for the middle East.  lo' knows a bit of conciliation and pragmatism would have been very welcome during this administration.

I admit that I don't get Barack Obama.  my first reaction to him speaking several months ago was along the lines of "I dont' trust what he's selling" – and I still dont'.  hell, I don't even know what he's selling. "hope, future, hopehopehope, change, tomorrow, hopechange, changehope…"  lately Barack's speeches are becoming more substantial; mainly because he is lifting them chapter and verse from the playbook of the late, lamented campaign of John Edwards.
I don't like to even think this, but it seems that this picture of Michelle Obama is reflective of the fervor that many Obama supporters have towards their man.

 I for one don't want a charismatic leader, I don't want a hero, I don't want a great person as President.  I want what this country desperately needs: a competent person who can roll up her sleeves and get. to. work.

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