the goats that get Jon Katz’s goat – Jon Katz in Slate Magazine

article in I want to live in Jon Katz's farm, "Bedlam Farm" – but I don't want to be a person living there, I want to be one of the non-human residents. like the ever-watchful catcher-of-the mice, Mother the tortoishell cat. or the amorous bull, Elvis. or like the impertinent goats featured today.

from later in the article : My goats are not contemplative, accepting, or introspective. They are the Greek chorus of my farm, sometimes of my life. They watch me closely and remind me that I am foolish. Unlike cows, they are not accepting. Unlike sheep, they are smart. Unlike donkeys, they are intrusive. Unlike dogs, they are useless, except to annoy me (also just like the guests on cable talk shows).

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5 thoughts on “the goats that get Jon Katz’s goat – Jon Katz in Slate Magazine

  1. That is GREAT! HAHA! I needed that laugh today! I love goats. I feel in love with them when I was living in my tiny Greek village, where they roam free and pretty much boss everyone around. When we'd come upon them in a road they'd stop. look at us. chew. bleet. and THEN decide to get the hell outta our way. Ornery little devils. And they love ear skritches.

  2. HA!! The article was really good! I liked it!&:o)Goats must be related to rabbits, too! At least rabbits can't be so LOUDLY VOCAL with their disapproval.

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