omg, omg, I can’t wait


10 thoughts on “omg, omg, I can’t wait

  1. I didn't know anything about these guys before, but Rorschach looks like my type!Lol!I can't imagine the rush it would be to be involved in writing, producing, bringing something like this into existence! What a fantastic experience!And, soon…we will all get to see it!

  2. Um…is it an accident that NiteOwl looks like Batman, or is it some wierd origami of the DC universe? (Sorry, not familiar with Watchmen, but it looks really cool).

  3. I guess Nite-Owl is the most Batman-ish of the Watchmen. For instance, he has a flying vehicle and seems more gadgety that the other Watchmen heroes.

  4. Peg, I think Shane has it right. Nite Owl is quite reminiscent of Batman, and is a nerd-techie guy to boot.Lauri, Peg, there was a limited 12-issue Watchmen serial in 1985. written by Alan Moore, it is considered one of the greatest graphic novels ever. it was collected in book form and is available at many libraries. quite the read, especially if you remember the Reagan years.shush, Ken, Shane, yeah! w00t! w00t!!

  5. Diggin' it. My local library has the whole WM series in a 14"-tall hardcover-bound anthologapalooza. I'd forgotten (over the past 15 years) what a paranoid schizo Rorschach is.

  6. what a paranoid schizo Rorschach is. indeed. a righteous paranoid schizo.I'm soooo tempted to get this. just to relive the good times

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