For those of you about to be parents/aunties/unkies/grammas/grandpas

could be printed and made into a booklet to be given to new parents at the hospital
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17 thoughts on “For those of you about to be parents/aunties/unkies/grammas/grandpas

  1. You can buy the book here. I found it a while back and was going to send it to my sister. :-) These just totally cracked me up.

  2. I hate admitting this, but this book comes too late. I did a few of those things to my kids. ONLY a few: and it's too late to call Child Protection Services because legally they aren't kids anymore. They'll just have to get over it in therapy.

  3. Good stuff. I laughed outloud 3 or 4 times. My favorite is "Exercising Baby". The dad looks so excited with the baby's bench press.

  4. This was much funnier than the SNL rerun I was watching when I read this. The one with the mother cramming the turkey leg into the baby's mouth is priceless. Excellent post.

  5. heh. several of these made me splutter my coffee, but if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be that same one.

  6. OMG LMAO.. my favorit was wiping babies bum with momies skirt. and the grocery cart one.. Well I did the grocery cart one once not like that but my oldest insisted on riding in there I think she was about 3. by the time we got to the check out the only visible part was her head. She of course thought it was fun. (really I wan't trying to corral her in there ; ) hehehe)

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