hey everybunny, it’s Spring


7 thoughts on “hey everybunny, it’s Spring

  1. Well, now… That was just so unbelievably amazingly cute that I downloaded it so I could save it for my collection of spring screen saver photos. Wow.

  2. heh. glad you liked it. did you see the other two pictures at the link? the sourcing only said the pictures were from AP Germany.littlem, for what I understand, the only signs of Spring you are going to see today are in your computer screen… how much snow did you get?

  3. Ha! No, I didn't see them Such a cute chubby bunny. Looks kinda aggressive in that face-on photo. That caption could be "No want foto."

  4. Good grief, that bunny looks *really* annoyed!!! Methinks it is part-lop, because they have sort of squarish faces and that disapproving look comes with the head shape…

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