what you see ain’t what you get

I suppose many of us don't even pay attention at the differences between the package illustrations and its contents.

but these guys are. a project where they photographed 100 prepared food items as depicted in their packaging next to the real life versions.  here's a few:

see more at the projekt1 site.  site is in German but is pretty easy to navigate: just click on a thumbnail and go back and forth from there.

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7 thoughts on “what you see ain’t what you get

  1. Ugh, no kidding. And the pictures in the menus at restaurants don't always bear close resemblance to what shows up on your plate, either…

  2. It's like going up to the counter in a fast food restaurant with an advertised picture and pointing at it, saying, "Give me one of these". Talk about a disappointment when you hold the two up next to each other…

  3. I recently had an experience with a raspberry creme chocolate that had about a tenth of the creme the packaging showed.Gr.

  4. Ah, yes… The teeny tiny print reading "serving suggestion" on the front cover is my favorite marketing lie ever. Well, not my favorite, but it's up there!

  5. wow some of those are pretty disgusting – it's a wonder they even get eaten once they're openedI will defend the milka and kinder products, though, just because… lol

  6. This is great! But, can you tell me what I'm looking at here (granola-wrapped hot dog bars?)? Even the package lacks appeal.

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