fQotD – stupid, stupid, stupid

fQotD: what is your stupidest mistake?

A :  repeatedly think that this song

is played by these guys

I am so ashamed of myself.  I shall turn in my hcoiro(bfe) * membership card forthwith.

*with deep apologies to the hcoiro(dc) chapter

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11 thoughts on “fQotD – stupid, stupid, stupid

  1. *pats mariser*Dat's ok, mariser…..I do stuff like dat ALL the time. If that's the only stupid thing you do…you are ma hero! You are ma hero anyhoo! :)

  2. lauri, if only… this is just the most egregious mistake (of the day. so far)ross, [that was good] [that was like partying down tonight] [that was at the globe]

  3. Along with our 15-yr-old, I just discovered this past Sunday that Joey Ramone once covered "What a Wonderful World". I laughed and laughed… and of course, I could tell that the 15-yr-old wanted to get the joke, but could only really just stare at me like I was nuts.Maybe if I told her it was kinda like Green Day covering "It's Not Easy Being Green"? (Urhmm… have they?)

  4. I remember a woman on Antique Roadshow had some Ramones stuff–a poster and one of their jackets, which I think was signed–worth thousands of dollars. I just tried to find a link on the PBS website but no luck…

  5. but my dear cap'n, you forget. I'm in BFE, where Should I Stay Or Should I Go is about as indie as it gets.not all of us get to be coastal hipsters, you know.

  6. Well…they, uh. They both wore–no, that's not true. They were both from–nope. They–. Wait. They both played really loud, and they both rocked. (I'm trying to help you here!) I worked at an Oldies station for two years, and I was forever getting The Guess Who and Three Dog Night confuzzled. Sometimes, you just get a permafart on your brain about some things.

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