for the new Vox group, I DECLARE SHENANIGANS!

from my extensive collection of silly walks  pictures.   save and use.  often

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7 thoughts on “shenanigans!

  1. Oh boy oh boy, I gots ta head over and check out the group! Shenanigans sounds like fun and I already got a big laugh out of them here!Sheeesh. Hubby and I saw ShaNaNa in concert once! Many many years ago!!

  2. How ironic that your shenanigans post is adjacent to Mule Days. Wasn't it Cow Days when the original shenanigans was declared? You are an insane genius that way, Mariser!

  3. 1. not ironic, Tom. pure co-inky-dins2. even though I'm a SP fan, it took Ross, mentioning the Cow Days episode for me to remember it3. insane genius? moi? [blushes furiously]. gosh, you have such a way with words… no wonder all the girls are always following you around.

  4. I confess, this whole shenanigans thing is lost on me. I guess I'd better check it all out since I was invited to the group. I don't get the channel that shows SP so I'll try to find the episode online.

  5. I could attempt to explain "shenanigans" to you, but I don't think I'd do a good job. check out that SP episode, also teh wiki and urban dictionary.

  6. Is it like when someone pulls shenanigans on you? Like the Monte Carlo? (Monte Carol severely reduces the impact of the insult with just one little typo.)

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