ah Sunday

taxes are done, it's too cold to work on the yard.

good day for a nap

maybe just watch some TV

sneak in some pettingks

why can't it be Sunday everyday?  whaaa!

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15 thoughts on “ah Sunday

  1. glad you like the wall (only one is cobalt blue). it took me forever to find the exact shade of blue I wanted, and was horrified when a visitor said "oh, blue wall. are you a Wildcat fan?no, I'm not a Wildcat (University of Kentucky sports) fan; but I could have saved me a lot of time and trouble if I'd been, as I could have walked into the store and asked for two gallons of Wildcat Blue paint.grrrrr.

  2. oooh!! I also like the blue wall and the beautiful pictures and teh kitties and all teh slepping!&:o)Lazy hours spent with kitties are the best, aren't they?

  3. Awwww, kitty cuddles are the best way to spend the weekend. I also had a very lazy Sunday napping on the couch with the Miao Brothers. To be honest, I've had a very lazy Monday as well.

  4. ygrs, littlem, thanks for your comments. 'twas a good day.I think the top picture, Sarits and Steve, wouldn't be out of place in CO's Matchingks category ;)

  5. I have this color blue in my house, too! Bedroom! I LOVE it! And the paintings, too!I love them…don't have them. ;)

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