Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

16 years ago today…

a few days ago…

New York police acquitted in shooting of unarmed man



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6 thoughts on “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  1. yeah, but keep in mind a vast majority of those rioters didn't care about rodney king – they saw an opportunity.And who knows?? Maybe the police have caught wind that it's best not to let these things be up to a jury in a highly publicized trial…I'm still not clear on how they managed to get a sweet hearing like this.

  2. I was in LA when this happened. It was by the sheerest bit of good fortune that I was not actually in the office in Compton, two blocks south of where all this went down. The unfortunate ones who were there had to deal with destroyed cars, busted windows, gun shots and having to secure themselves in the building by pushing desks into place in front of the windws. They finally got a reprieve with police escorting them out at about four in the morning.
    Yeah, the four seasons in LA suck: Fire, Flood, Earthquake and Riot…

  3. I lived in L.A. then, as I do now. I had just got out of hospital, and my first day at work was the day of the verdict. People were looking out the window and saying, "Wow, check out what's happening, look at 'em, will you and…HEY – THAT'S MY CAR!"
    We were let out early, and were told to remove all valuable jewelry, watches, etc. I had on a pair of $5 earrings – I took them off too.
    I was still pretty weak, so I stayed with my parents, rather than at my apartment. I drifted in an out of headaches, watching TV – and a guy I used to date was the reporter for a local news station. There he was, in front of the flames, reporting.
    Very surreal.

  4. I think what saved NY from violence was that two of the three acquitted cops were black. In Rodney King, I think it was all white cops doing the beating. Also, it was really easy to whip people into a fury with the Rodney King video images. I remember shaking my head every time I saw it. I'm not sure this is any better, though: Should we feel relieved: "Whew! It's just police overreacting and shooting the crap out of some innocent people! At least it's not overtly racial."? 50 shots? One officer reloaded? I won't even speak to the attendant irony that this whole thing happened because the officers were afraid their targets were going off to commit a drive-by shooting.

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