CSA week 2 – May 23, 2008

CSA 2nd week

eggs, strawberries, asparagii, bok choy, curly-leaf lettuce

strawberries are amazing this week

and tonight's upcoming dinner

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5 thoughts on “CSA week 2 – May 23, 2008

  1. I remember going on a date – long ago – and having a strawberry omelette for diinner. It was rather yummy – the date, not so much.

  2. Damn! I was just telling Dancing Bear that I need to move south so I can have berries in May! You people make me so jealous with your warm weather and purdy accents!! Your food is beautiful. Now I'm feeling guilty about skipping the market this morning…but it's a headache sorta morning…I think I'll try to cure it by looking at the chili pepper cats. (Those would be your cats, btw. Your favicon on my bookmarks toolbar is a chili pepper…hence, chili pepper kits). :-)

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