is it Little Miao’s birthday?

are you sure?

okay, I'll come out then…



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6 thoughts on “is it Little Miao’s birthday?

  1. Awwwww! Hank only comes out for VERY special occasions! AND to look at finches on the birdfeeder! :)

  2. I just saw three kittehs in the Cat Pavilion! I thought it was just Stevie & Hank… Who's the third one, the dark one? S/he really likes to sit in the corner between the chair and the stool and watch.

  3. whoa, littlem, you caught a rare sight. is unusual to see all three together.the dark one is Pepper aka Dr. Pepper, Pepperito. he's a boy and came to live with us ~ eight months ago. it is a bittersweet story. teh SO introduced him here, and I wrote about him here.

  4. Oh my, I missed both those posts. I'm such a neglectful neighbor. :(It's so good that Pepper has a home again now. He has such cute little feets, and he sounds like a real scaredy-sweetheart. I guess the photos I saw this morning must have been after his big adventure.

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