My City Was Gone : : Atlantic City – Calliope No. 8

ah, Calliope No. 8.  decisions, decisions…

06-Atlantic City
Bruce Springsteen

do I post the studio version?

04-Atlantic City
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

                   or the live one?

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5 thoughts on “My City Was Gone : : Atlantic City – Calliope No. 8

  1. This was one of my favorite albums of the 1980's. So many good songs. Rush Limbaugh kind of ruined "My City was Gone" for me, though. Awesome band; seminal recording.

  2. hey tom, I think you meant to comment in changa's post (immediately before this one). she's the one who posted "My city was gone". I pulled it for the "previously on…" bit.great album indeed, btw. The Pretenders were hardcore.

  3. D'accord. That's all I saw, somehow. My computer is doing verrrrrry strange things this evening. Atlantic City is awesome, too, though.

  4. Some of my most vivid memories growing up are of my mother listening to Bruce Springsteen – it is such timeless music. I love it still.

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