oh, gag me

“I think it's something a woman should do when

they're marrying a man. It's a tradition, and I
think it’s a great tradition” – Ashlee Simpson,
on becoming Ashlee Wentz.

NOTE: not an official wedding pic as those were, natch, sold to People magazine

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12 thoughts on “oh, gag me

  1. Just playing devil's advocate here, but on the basis that she's given her last hummer, taking her husband's name is the very least that she can do :)

    Then again, Ms Simpson/Mrs Wentz's mother was clearly dyslexic, so we should really judge her daughter for making stupid remarks.

  2. Maybe, ya know, because she's a woman marrying a man she should get pregnant and she should quit her job and she should just shut her trap and take it up the ass like a good wife.

  3. my opinion–it's another way of re-inventing her image away from what it was to become one of the (so-called) cool kids, first a nose job, now taking her dork-rocker hubby's name.
    lol @ Val & TJ!
    And, yup, she IS preggo.

  4. And, yup, she IS preggo.
    Based on Val's comment, she can't be a good wife, then..! :)

  5. And of course she's such an expert on things like "values" and "traditions". ha!! LOLz @ TJ — now I guess I know why my ex divorced me!

  6. Yeah I don't know about this "up the ass" business… is that based on experience? We don't all do that….As for Ashlee Simpson: why should anyone listen to her? She's not a role model by any means. At least I wouldn't consider her one.

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