almost like searching for a black cat on a moonless night

'twas exactly like that; the almost-witching-hour of 11:00 pm last night found us searching for an almost-black-cat

on an unlit backyard with no moon out on a cloudy sky.   I couldnt' see nuthin'.  we had a flashlight, big and cumbersome.
we spent ½ hour playing the following game:  we'd locate the bright green eyes, get down to ground level and beg "here Pepper, come over Pepper, it's ok" for a few minutes and then he'll ZOOOOOOOOOM past us to the next hiding spot.  I must say he is a lot faster than I expected.

at some point during these fruitless attempts, I happened to be standing between the back porch door and Pepper's-hiding-spot-of-the-moment.  as teh SO came upon Pepper from behind, he ran towards the door, saw me and veered left.   this was the moment we realized the poor li'l fellow was trying to get back home.

so, on to Plan B.  found the other two cats, locked them upstairs, open all doors downstairs, be quiet.  not even two minutes passed when we saw the flash of white feets running into the house.  we ran after him, slammed all doors shut and went looking for him.  found him huddled in the bathroom, terrified.  
Pepper was fine after a few minutes and even purred.   so on to bed for everyone

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13 thoughts on “almost like searching for a black cat on a moonless night

  1. I'm glad Pepper is back safe and (mostly) sound. My one saving grace with Edgar is that he is scared of his own shadow. The one time he got out when I was Halifax (stupid ex's fault, I wasn't home – he decided it wasn't necessary to put the cat in a closed room while he had all the doors open moving his shit out of my place), he ran back in as fast as he ran out and spent the rest of the day under the bed. Sounds like Pepper might have a bit of scaredycat inside, too.

  2. kzinti, *phew* indeed. I am way out of shape, I noticed. cant' keep up with a little fat cat.arbed, you see, that's the funny/weird part: P. is a scaredycat. of all our cats and until last night, he was the only one who wasn't trying to make an escape everytime one of us opened a door.val, no worries there. he got plenty. I was sitting at the 'puter this am and Pepper came over and "flumped" right on top of the mouse. and my hand. so he got lots of pettingks (loves getting rubbed under the chin) and I became reacquainted with the keyboard shortcuts.

  3. Poor Pepper! So glad he came back all safe. It's good to have a scardycat for a house kitty!
    Even when Elvis and I lived in the house with the big backyard, he never left to go exploring. He just gets to lounge on a patio these days. All I have to do is call for him and he comes right back inside.

  4. yay, glad he's home safe. (hugs) to you guys and him for having to go through that. I know exactly how you feel our tuxie Lucky did much the same thing. Snuck out the door and we didn't realize until nearly midnight ourselves. It almost worked exactly like you described for us too, he was eager to get back inside under the roof. He was EXTRA loving and stuck right by us for the next few days after that ordeal.

  5. I'm glad Pepper is back home. My cat ran away for a week when I couldn't find her after looking for a long time after she darted out the front door. I was so happy to get her back! Once she tried to escape, but we could see her tail wagging outside the shrub she was hiding in. =P

  6. Such a relief! Poor Pepper. I hope he's learned his lesson and doesn't try to get adventurous again. You'd think that he wouldn't feel the need to go outside, considering the wonderfulness that is the Cat Pavilion.

  7. Little Miao, yes the Cat Pavilion is great, but sometimes I think Pepper wants to find his mommy.BTW, the Cat Pavilion now has a proper outside door and the roof is only 1/3 covered by a tarp.

  8. We lost Shadow (a 99.99999999994% black cat) back in PA, but Harvey, not more than a year old, was at the window meowing and looking right at her hiding place under a car.

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