proof of teh evilness of skerls.

for those doubting unbelievers

from the local rag

Power restored to 3,600 in Lexington


A squirrel caused a power outage to about 3,600 Kentucky Utilities customers in the Nicholasville Road area of Lexington early Monday.

All power was restored by 9 a.m., according to Cliff Feltham, KU spokesman.

The squirrel caused a breaker switch to flip off at a substation on Reynolds Road.

Feltham said the power outage affected customers from about Central Baptist Hospital to Man o' War Boulevard and from Clays Mill Road to Lansdowne Drive.

a sketch artist produced this first look at the suspect

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11 thoughts on “proof of teh evilness of skerls.

  1. You would think these things were squirrel proof. They aren't even in my neck of the woods. Last spring, the power to our whole office park was out from 7:30 until almost 10. The next day we found out about the squirrel's evil plot to stop productivity. :-)

  2. I am on the side of evil. I support the dark side. When we see squirrlies running across the 'phone wires, all we can say – with maybe a little too much excitement – is: "RUN Squirrlie! RUN!"

  3. First the power grid, then the evil skwerls start shutting off our water supply. Thanks for the warning, M.

  4. We had that happen when I lived in New Jersey about 15 years ago. I seriously thought it was Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind time because the sky kept changing colors.

  5. Hee hee. This reminds me of the police logs that jaypo used to post.And, like Aubrey, I like teh Evulz.

  6. The evil skerl got my coworker good. He took his truck to take his daughter to daycare and drove back home. He parked his truck outside running and opened the garage door. He wanted to see if his motorcycle would start so he could ride it to work instead. It didn't start and after a bit of fiddling he gave up. So pulls the remote to the garage door opener out of his pocket and presses the button. Nothing! Zilch! The Skerl had struck! SO without power he closes the door and it locks automatically. Then he realizes his truck is running with the doors locked and all he has is a useless remote……

  7. oh man, that is awful! what did A.J. (it was A.J., right?) do?
    e2c, I wish it was as good as jaypo's police logs. those were hilarious.

  8. Yep it was A.J. He found a window which wasn't latched all the way and shoved it until he got it opened.Of course even though we live about 2 blocks from Central Baptist, we are fed from a different substation and thus TCPWC was not affected

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