Robert Keen, Robert Keen!

Robert Earl Keen at Lexington Opera House – May 31, 2008

So, ten years after our first attempt, we got to see Robert Earl Keen on concert.  why ten years?  here's that story

I didn't even know the man was in town 'til I saw it on that morning's paper.  called TicketMonster and the tickets offered were lousy to horrible (rear of 2nd balcony, all the way to the left) and $17.95 in fees tacked to each ticket (face value of $27.50).   fuck that.
we decided to show up at the venue about 1 hour before the show to see what the scalpers had. showed up to find at the box office that "some tickets were just released", orchestra rows F&G..  le w00t!  6th row, dead center. face value. fuck TicketMonster.

the opening act was Matt King playing from his album, "The Rube". hadn't heard him before, good enough songwriter.  Bluegrass by way of Nashville.

a trio:  Matt King guitar and main vocals,
Dan Coyne bass guitar, vocals,
 ____ Reed (grandson of Jerry Reed) drums.

Playlist (some guessed,  from "The Rube" album tracklist)

1. Prelude to Apathy
2. 'if you are not from here' – guess
5. 'something's cooking'  – guess
4. Cursing the Ohio
5. American Dream
6. Rabbit's Foot
7. ?a Jerry Reed song? 'I've Been on a Fast Train'  – guess
8. 'I'm a sinful man, gonna get saved'  – guess

short intermission, enough time for a beer and a bathroom break.

Robert Earl Keen and the band come out.
6-man band: REK guitar, mandolin, main vocals
Rich Brotherton, A whole passel of guitars
Bill Whitbeck, beetle bass
Tom Van Schaik, drums
Marty Muse, steel guitar
special guest, Danny Barnes, banjo

REK came out sporting a big shit-eating grin under a 10-gal hat.  must have been an interesting choice of refreshments on the back.  the entire band was smiley and loose, very relaxed.  

Playlist – some additions and corrections from the  REK concerts forum

1.   Son and Daughter
2.   What I Really Mean
3.   Feeling Good Again
4.   Gringo Honeymoon
5.   'Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear' – guess
6.   Wild Wind Blows
7.   Great Hank
8.   Ride
9.   Copenhagen
10. Five-pound Bass
11. Merry Christmas from the Family
[band leaves stage, REK solo]
12. This Old Porch  
[long spoken intro: Aggie jokes, what's what,  Lyle Lovett, landlord Jack Boyett,  Robert Keen, Robert Keen!, and a story about how embarrassing it is to cash a 2-dollar check, which ended with this moral:  "like any other embarrassing thing, once you do it, you'll find yourself doing it again…and again…and again….and again."]
[band returns]
13. Think It Over One Time
14. Shades of Grey
15. Amarillo Highway
16. That Buckin' Song
17. Something That I Do
18. Coming Home of the Son and the Brother
19. The Road Goes on Forever
about ½-hour jam. major banjo breakdown

20. Laughing River (written by Greg Brown)
21. I'm Coming Home

it was a fun show.  I bought his next-to-last CD,  Farm Fresh Onions
but after seeing the line, decided not to have it signed.

edithere are some songs

Tom Ames's Prayer, a Steve Earle's cover

02-Tom Ames' Prayer
Robert Earl Keen


The five-Pound Bass

09-The Five Pound Bass
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.

Gringo Honeymoon

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4 thoughts on “Robert Keen, Robert Keen!

  1. Sounds cool. I don't know any Robert Earl Keen, but I know his song "The Road Goes on Forever" is mentioned in a Todd Snider song. Any REK records I should own? I'm always looking for new music.

  2. there are many albums to choose from. a good "best of" live album is No. 2 Live dinner, including many of his popular songs like The Road Goes on Forever, Gringo Honeymoon, Merry Christmas from the Family, Amarillo Highway…he's one hell of a songwriter. often very funny.I'll add some songs to this post so you can listen if you like. the post I linked to above has The Road Goes on Forever.

  3. I just checked out the song over at Lord Kalvan's. Good stuff. I listen to Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, etc. I wonder how Robert Earl Keen managed to sneak past my musical radar. I must remedy this situation.

  4. this is really surprising. I knew you liked Americana, but I wasn't too sure how acquainted you were with the guys who came out from Texas to give country a swift kick in the ass. I think you are really going to enjoy REK.if you are not scared to PM your address I'll send you a mixtape (mixCD, rather)

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