a couple of items about me – ‘cos it’s all about me

1.  I'm one of the VOX cool kids now. 

the exclusive group that gets -1 messages.

2.  we've gotten the big chilldown here

lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s.   brr.
the insane heat of the last week has moved on.  to Philadelphia, apparently.

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12 thoughts on “a couple of items about me – ‘cos it’s all about me

  1. val, I didn't know about NY. you guys must be of hardier stock than the Philadeplhians, who have been whining incesantly about the heat. ;)

  2. heyyyyyy, I went out RUNNING(and walking) at 9 pm when it was about 86 and 61% humidity. we get our cooldown tonight.
    I haven't seen -1 messages in quite a while either!

  3. I don't even think I've been whining. I've got a/c. I've been TALKING about it but I don't see where I've been WHINING. and certainly not incessantly! Pfffft.

  4. dont' take it so hard, cp. maybe I wasn't referring to you. and my original comment had a ;) so it wasnt' entirely serious.

  5. I know. I just know I whine a lot about many other things so I don't want to be accused of it when I'm not *actually* whining. hee hee.

  6. and just so it is perfectly clear, dear, you don't whine. you rantwhining = annoying *ranting = hilariouscapisce, Ms. RantyPants?* except by e2c.

  7. okay—I know you get me. I know a lot of people don't get that my ranting, while genuine, is also tongue-in-cheek over the top, and in the past (IRL) I had been a big complainer I think, so I guess I am a bit sensitive to people misunderstanding me…though I do now take it all in good fun, esp here w/you. it was only *partially* defensive.

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